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so yeah we are having an event of 12 days with that “”“”“NEW”“”“” pvp brawl and then theres the dronepocalypse for 12 days. why only 12 days?? why are they making that so short? id rather play the dronepocalypse all day then the other mode they released alongside it. i just dont like the zoomed in camera really. but yeah im disappointed the dronepocalypse wont be around for to long. thats what… less then 2 weeks for both brawls. 24 days total. anyone else here a bit disappointed?

The zoomed-in camera isn’t for everyone. I would like them to last longer though, I can agree with you on that.

if dronepocalypse was around for longer than that, there would be literally no people left playing normal pvp

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1: the game would have more players if the devs cared about keeping players around.
2: the game got crossplay, quit complaining.
3: the playerbase has been dropping off for quite a while now, thats the main reason they brought in crossplay because of the playerbase becoming fewer and fewer each day.
4: i do mainly pve so this doesnt effect me.
5: what you said is exactly what a reddit user would say.
6: im sure there would be plenty of people in pvp. the dronepocalypse is meant to be fun and competitive for people. why not just do that? you gain scrap from it either way and matches can be fast… unless they tried to make them slower… >.>

either way pvp is boring and repetitive and people want variety. you cant keep expecting people to just keep doing pvp, clan wars and clan confrontation all the time and not get bored or tired of it.

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  1. the devs dont care
  2. game does not have crossplay
  3. it has not been dropping off, apart from normalizing since quarantine

i know pvp wouldnt be ‘empty’ because of dronepocalypse, the reason i say this is to point out the game is already dead and youre adding another gamemode to spread the playerbase further.
also i didnt say i would mind if dronepocalypse lasted longer either

the game does have crossplay, click on every name even tho itll say gamertag if u click on it itll be blank meaning their on the opposite console or itll show a controller next to their name

You don’t read the news, do you?

Console crossplay is available.

Yeah, sort of crossplay that is.
At least was what i heard.

That’s still crossplay. It might not be fully available across platforms but it exists deal with it…

The only portion I wish they would extend to PC right now is the exhibition and that’s mostly just to make it easier to talk on here about builds.

noooooo really?
dude its obvious. no new content releases within the past 5 years, constant dumps of battle passes and mini battle passes in the game alongside packs, every bit of content they released is just new weapons, they add in temporary modes all the damn time because the braindead reddit community wont shut up about “oh itll split the player base if they added a new mode” WELL WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS EINSTIEN?!?! if the playerbase wasnt so damn small then people wouldnt care about adding in new modes but we have them keyboard warriors over there trying to justify never adding anything new into the damn game! the reason the game is dying is
1: the devs not caring
2: the toxic community
3: people who constantly seal club and force new players to quit.

theres more but if something doesnt happen to bring more players into the game soon then crossout will be shut down and guess what? you can go play your damn warthunder where every single match is rigged and bots harass the living hell out of you.


then how do you explain the crossplay then? match times were getting longer and longer for people because fewer and fewer players were coming in to play. and who can blame them? after 5 years of nothing but temporary modes, nonpermanent blueprints and battle passes who wouldnt be tired of the money grubbing nonsense? if they put actual time and effort into the game it wouldnt be the way it is today!

if they cared wed have a larger player base, more modes and less people bitching about how a new mode will split the player base. even clans would be bigger and we would be able to contribute to that stupid clan weekly nonsense.

yes the crossplay doesnt exist for the biggest platform. that is not crossplay, its nothing more than different console brands getting to play together

TLDR every single issue one could think of would be resolved if the developers of this game were not shit

That’s crossplay and there are good reasons to keep PC off the list spend some time looking up the topic and most of the use cases are bad. I really want to play with everyone else too but I don’t want the game to suffer from it either. I’d be really open to sharing exhibition though with the other platforms.

It’s still is crossplay without PC being involved though.

i dont need to be einstien levels of iq to know why adding pc players in crossplay with ps4 and xbox users would be a VERY bad idea. but yes this is absolutely true. if pc were given crossplay to ps4/xbox then i would most likely quit right away.

its like dirty hamster said above, that IS crossplay. and not to mention it would be an extremely bad idea if pc were brought into the crossplay line with ps4/ps5/xbox. i dont think i need to explain why, but it wouldnt be doable with pc. it would force alot of the playerbase from the console genre to leave and not come back. adding pc would only do more harm then good.

“This game doesn’t have crossplay!”

*proceeds to describe crossplay *


This is one game where consoles have a distinct advantage: steering on wheels.

I say bring them PC Master Racers, i can hang tough with the best of them.

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I really do hope they make PC/console crossplay happen.
It’s funny, it seems to be more the PC players on the forum who don’t want it, even though they theoretically have the advantage of easier aiming.
But I agree that analog steering also makes a big difference in this game. I think that might be why camera steering seemed like such a big change for PC players.