Callout Spammers

There you are trying to have a relaxing or competitive game.
But suddenly you find one of your teammates just wont shut up, distracting you from the game.
Would you approve of players behaving like this?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • I like to spam myself.
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yeah, a-holes like that are totallly effin anoying…

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Report him to @HornOchse , with enough reports that should get him permanently banned from the game.

And no, chat-ban won’t help because call-outs and map-pings are not banned from chat-banning due to these 2 systems not part of chat function.

I can assure you, youre not playing “competitively” with that build bro. LMFAO looks like auto craft made that.

Cringe flex.

I think it would be better if dead people got points for this.

Reporting this player ingame doesnt seem to work, he has been doing this for years now and many people have reported him.
I just wish these was a way to mute these callout spammers like i can mute dima_der_beste who has been nonstop chat spamming for years, i can just disable the chat.

at this point we might need to hire an assassin, because if you decided to take matter to your own hand by grieving him with environmental hazard, he can probably report you for that and get you banned.

His sole existence is to grieve his entire team by staying alive as long as possible and just spam those call outs as well as map pings.

Mods can ban me for “targeted harassment” all they want, but if the battle situation allows, I’ll 100% go for him first over any enemy. They can thank me later.

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Some people are just addicted to negative attention seeking :joy: