Camera unkillable

hello , i am stuck at 75 / 76 camera because one is unkillable . the one witch is on B5


i made a video showing this : bug crossout camera - YouTube

i tested with : vector , sinus , reaper , hulk , rapier , crusher , aurora , kaiju and synthesis.

nothing can kill it…

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I suspect we were sent here to be even more ignored…

THIS is our HELL!


yyyyy :smiley: black sheep :smiley: but still better then rude sheep :smiley: :smiley:

70% all turrets are invisible inside wall and can still shoot :smiley: one camera is only meh … :smiley: 7days without fix hah

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I can’t destroy that camera (or two others). I’ve tried machine guns, autocannons and cannons.

ive also come across a few cameras that couldnt be killed

I am having the same issue as are other players I’ve talking to in awakening game mode. very frustrating after already spending hours looking for the previous cameras.

I am also having the same Issue. Did you get any solution?


Maybe try with a spark? Perhaps it’s hitbox is glitched or too far out of the invisible wall and perhaps the spark can auto lock to it and zap it off. Just a suggestion, since I havn’t tried it myself but for easter eggs and such I always use a spark and it works like a charm.

Incinerator/mandrake/porc could maybe work as well, the former being cheaper than a spark.

I finally managed to kill that camera. I killed it with blue machine guns from a spot I have shot hundreds of rounds from before. I also killed the camera in the tunnel that leads up to Smallforge. I think I killed both cameras with persistence and obstinance.