Can raids be switched back to 2 randoms?

seriously can it? i usually do perimeter breach and yet its been nearly 2 weeks and ive only managed to get into maybe 5 - 10 raids total. the raids schedule is ridiculously bad.

the thing is i do frontier defense to when its a good one and perimeter breach the rest of the time, but for the past 2 weeks ive BARELY got into any raids because the schedule keeps going to everything EXCEPT perimeter breach. i been on for HOURS waiting for the raid to switch over and it never does. is perimeter breach that rare or am i missing something here?

When isn’t it good? With a team that wants to get rich, it should always be good. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

there are enemies i avoid in frontier and also maps i tend to avoid as well. the crater is the worst one unless you have a doppler i guess. some maps are better then others and some enemies are alot worst then others to.