Can we get some special tier tracks, legs and augers?

original post:

Something to fill in the movement gap between late and early game special tier tracks, augers, and legs.

these would be weaker then their epic tier but still have use.

Example ideas

type: leg
HP: 500
perk: a weaker stability bonus then the normal m200s

size: 2 shorter then the standard m200 and smaller in area over all.

Scout tracks

type: large track

HP: 600

Perk: 15% ballistic, 15% explosive, 10% melee resistance.

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I dont see a point to special tier augers. Augers already make pretty low ps builds. Same with all the big tracks. I know borers are op right now, but tiel tracks and augers would kind of kill off all melee in low ps. Special tier legs would also do this.

Though special tier legs would make the most sense to add out of all of the parts. They could be the fast little legs I’ve always wanted. Little 50km max speed legs would be great(60km with the engine). Maybe even make those speeds 60km and then 70km with an engine. They would be significantly shorter than other legs though.