Can we have a Patrol without coward flyers?

On Topic: when I do Patrols, I use copters, and it’s the only mode I use copters with, and I am very often the primary target of the bots, so IDK what this “coward flyer” stuff is about. For me, when I play copper-chopper Patrol, the air is the front line. The schit is hitting my fans hard.

I like to use this dynamic to herd the bots into a tidy little group where my mates in ground vehicles typically clean up pretty well (fish in a barrel), since the bots are focused on me up in the sky.

I don’t see the problem.


I was thinking maybe it was directed at heli’s not helping cap often in the center cap matches.

Indeed, I don’t do a lot of base-capping, when I run Patrol. I hunt bots, or they hunt me. Either way, I’ve never had difficulty running PVE. I’m not sure why other kids are finding it filled with difficulty. It’s easy mode, IMO, or at least as-easy-as-you-want-it-to-be mode.

Players are making it difficult for themselves, is what I think. The only thing the developers need to address with PVE is the new and weird bot behavior we’ve been seeing since the update.

I like their more vigorous attitude, and I like them leading me off center for some private one-on-one violence, but driving around in the acid, or just fleeing without engaging enemies needs a fix.

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:100: same here usually get smoked by several bots targeting me all at once. Makes one an EZ target for bots.


then maybe stop rushing in let alone being close to bots to kiss them cuz im usually the last one standing and i only use ground builds

i always hit the bots first with incs,then i take cover and wait for sec,then repeat.its that simple,if u drink to much u get shot fast lol…cant be too careless.-ie ,i take the aggro.


Ground builds have cover, helis do not.

If anything, the ground users are cowards and the helis are the bravest, willing to put their survival on the line to draw the fire of the bots.


I don’t know what power score we are discussing, but mine it about 9000. I have a copter but do not activate it. I have a detector, the enemy are on the map, we go to the fight, the copters are still at spawn. I am fast but not that fast in a medium cabin, although faster since the update. I have an incredible amount of health. I only need five wins with specific weapon. Most of the battles were victories. 4 allies still at spawn when I arrive at the lead enemy. I score plenty of damage and die. I wait the 3 minutes while these pukes finally arrive and kill with homing missiles and fire puddles all the enemy I damaged. I receive my Reward and Patches and Damage. I queue again and it is the same bull crap, rinse and repeat. I am in the fight alone, 1 versus 8, 5 times in a row because my bot allies have run away or died, and the four copter allies have not even fired their weapons before I am dead. I do not want to play with allies that hide for 60 seconds.
Then, when they fail to kill the bots I damaged, the bots win by base capture and they refuse to land in the circle. I still get my rewards and progress toward some Challenges, but not the Victory Challenges.
So, 8 Patrols later, I have my 5 wins with said weapon, and I can go play without Helicopters.
I want to play 5 Patrols without Helicopters. I want the helicopters to play only with 7 other helicopters and lose every battle to base capture and leave me out of it.
Now, I wait a good long time to attack and hide like a feline until an opening looks good to attack maybe a red-hot enemy or an enemy that just got blasted with missiles. And if they capture the base, I am not stopping them.
PS: I hate hiding like a feline. That is not Crossout! Crossout is 3-minute battles, race in, ram somebody, kill or be killed and queue again, win or lose.
Everyone needs strategy to fight bots. SMH

just don’t be bad LMAO

CAN’T KILL BOTS… too weak for pvp? ashamed of losing against players? or are you just not able to be as effective as your ego wants? well I have the place for you! come join the forums and vent your frustration and to show all your skills that you lack! come one COME ALL

This is why you’re losing and getting frustrated.

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I am not losing, I am watching cowards win. It is boring and stupid. Am I the only one who wants to play and win 5 Patrols a day with a specific weapon without these helicopters? These players are not just getting 5 wins, that is all they do is play Patrol and fly above the bots and score damage, they don’t even care if we win or lose. They are in no hurry to get the five wins and be done with Patrol because that is all they play day in day out! They patrol in helicopters and ruin it for everyone else!
Get these copters out of here, they are a waste of DNA!

You’re dying early and then complaining that other people that put in effort and carried you to their own win which happened to be shared with you. They actually have to work harder to finish the match because you don’t consider your actions as potentially detrimental to your own play experience.


I disagree with you. They want me to defend the circle and stop base capture alone. They want to use me so they can enjoy safe skies as I tank all the fire. I like tanking fire, but not all 8 bots. They do not want to play as a team, they do not care to win, only do damage, and take no damage. Get in the fight, they are only bots, stop being a coward and get some hp and take some hits for your team.

But, I am not letting them use me anymore, I no longer care if we win, I will get the five wins eventually, I can hide just like them and take my detector in the corner and wait to get my 40 points and go hide again. I got a cloak. If that is how you all think this game should be played and 3-minute Patrols really need all these tactics and hiding to win, then forget a Patrol free of helicopters.
I hope more players quit.

What work are they doing ? Hiding and flying in a circle and firing hurricane missiles from safety or launching firebombs into the same spot over and over again with no enemy in the fire. That is no work! They are lolly-gagging while me and my bots die! I spectate them you know! I see what bull crap they do! From their own cameras!

You’re running in without the team therefore you are not playing as a teammate.

Apparently they are all finishing the matches that you died early in.


These are your builds on the exhabition; You have 4 drone builds and 6 goblin w-key builds. You have no right to complain about how other people play if this is all you have. Stop fitting the bad player stereotype and being the loudest in the room to complain about something you wouldn’t be able to do at all. Stop having an ego issue, adapt to the game, and then play it how you want, and then you will be happier. Until then, stay mad stay bad.


Those are from 6 years ago, that was all I had! Goblins were blue then, I ground lunatics and ground for workbench rent and Resources to craft Goblins ASAP. The Cobras were from crates.
In fact, except for the machine guns and shotguns from free giveaways, that is still all I have!
I got some Borers they just nerfed and Buzzsaws they also nerfed. Two Synthesis for Energy Weapons.
3 Wasp from Crates. I ain’t got much still.

Also, 6 years ago, that was Cross Out, full W button, no stopping, ram somebody! That is the game. No strategy! Kill or be killed, no hiding unless you play Mandrake!

If these GD helicopters had faster reload times, then maybe they would be some help. Everything they do takes a long time to do it. It is three minutes for Patrol! Get in the fight!

How can they lose to base capture to Bots? Land in the circle and die or kill!

I don’t want to play with Helicopters!
Those blueprints 8000-9000 PS are more accurate, though I had to rebuild the front end because of Mass Updates.

Yes, I ram enemy, that takes being in the enemy. I have to reach the enemy to ram them. I bring a Detector, there is a map, you see the red markers, they see my blue marker head to the enemy, they choose to abandon their teammate and hide for 60 seconds, they choose not to aid their team in winning, they do not care if they win or lose and lose to base capture, they will not stop base capture, they will not put their vehicle in danger to aid an ally, I take a long time to kill, put some fire in the base, get your weapons on the enemy more quickly, stop being strategic cowards.

No matter what weapon the challenges force me to play with, I will still ram the enemy.

Or give me a Patrol Mission without these coward helicopters.

*Sigh Just as the anti-hover campaign. Discontent arises its ugly head once again from the wheeled purist’s . Another reason for the developers to kill off another fun feature in the game just as hovers . Don’t like helicopter builds? EZ fix. :thinking:Don’t log onto matches that support them. What a concept!

Bots seem to prioritize targeting aircraft, so I’m not sure how those players are the cowards in Patrol.

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It’s because when he’s rushing in foolishly, and no one’s helping him cap right away because they are being smart about it.

Like what I said here before he mentioned his play style issues:

They normally do but because he’s rushing into them ahead of the heli’s and starting to shoot at the bots he’s usurping the priority before they can target the heli’s. All he really has to do is wait a little bit till the heli’s start to engage and he’d have less bots to deal with.


It was probably a little serpentine for him to go there and dig up dirt. My exhibition is not at all what I’m currently running either. I use mine to toss projects I’m bored with, or can’t bear to delete yet, and to clear out room in my garage for builds I’m actually using.

Is that even over yet? I sort of abbreviated my playing and participation in Crossout, because that’s what PVP was (is?), and It’s just boring; same schit, same maps. I haven’t played much beyond the Crossout Day brawl since it started, largely because the melee META has been so ridiculous, but also because I am so very sick of seeing these same maps over and over again.

I was very glad to see a new map, and it’s a good one too, I think.