Can we have some of these things on PC/Console?!

Mech legs
The weather effect of Ashen Ring
The city map
That garage

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I’ve asked for similar and seen others asking a number of times in the past. There’s a a number of alternative leg styles that I’d love to see in the game.

Side note - If your wondering why we’ve never gotten any of them with all the requests that I’ve seen, my theory is that the animations and behavior are overly complex which in turn detracts from the profitability of the effort to make them. From doing 3d work I can tell you making something walk and making it look natural can be difficult there’s a lot of behaviors and stances to account for.


they gotta give people a reason to play the mobile version too , then they have people buying 3 battle passes a month between 2 platforms :joy:

Well the things other than the mecha legs should be pretty easy for them to add, especially the Ashen Ring weather effect, and with a few tweaks that map and garage be easy enough to add, they probably paywall the garage in a deluxe pack though

All garages are paywalled aside from the basic default garage. So ya of course that would be the case.

The mobile version isnt even worth playing while i poop. I tried it for a week. I havent played it since. I really hate what they did with it. Its not p2w, but the fact that they did stuff like put structure parts behind a paywall desgusts me. Not even “some” structure. All the cool looking structure and better structure is paywalled. Like…makeing cool looking builds is one of the best parts of the game. The crafting aspect of mobile is very inferior as a result.

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ive played 2 matches months apart and i agree

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The funny thing about how bad the mobile version is is that some of the first games to get good on mobile were driving games. The fact that cross out mobile’s driving mechanics are absurd is kind of hilarious.

As for bipedal legs, I’m all for them so long as you can knock them over. That would be hilarious.