Can we please raise heli ceiling

I noticed recently that there is now a skybox for helis instead of the death countdown. I feel like they are exceptionally low. Ship graveyard in particular you can barely get above vehicles. I understand trying to make it so ground cars can hit helis easier, but this severely inhibits the movement capabilities of helis and takes away from the creativity in combat. Is there a way to give the devs feedback on this change?

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Yeah they should’ve made it so we could fly over the buildings on the land islands as this map has one of the lowest ceilings of all maps

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I have never understood why they prevent any vehicles from going into certain areas as if it was area 51 No fly zone. Back in the day in bedlam or any map game mode you could harpoon on top of objects, Harpoon players in bedlam as cranes and what not. Not any longer the nerf bat seen to that. Appears to be the Dev’s have a " You have no fun policy". A rather silly control issue IMHO.

Yeah I’ve hated invisible walls within the maps for years and how they randomly flattened maps and removed map assets like small elevated areas (building pods) I guess now it’s limitations on how high you can fly, I get a map ceiling but not one so low that someone with a skinner can snag you ever though you’re grinding the ceiling wall

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There’s a few bedlam maps with “holes”. If you know where they are, you can fly off the map and go as high as 18,905 feet altitude, fly underneath the map, or even far way from the map. When I found the hole in one of the maps, and someone saw me doing it, I had a parade of copters following me out! :smiley:


That will drive the devs nuts trying to find them :joy:LMBO!

I found a hole in the military railyard garage that’s still open the last time I checked

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hush giving the devs clues to what maps!