Can you explain to me why?

I didn’t take MVP for what ?
what’s the score hide to me ?

a lot depends on which player triggers/resolves the most events. Try to activate more game triggers instead of just laying on the guns trigger. Example: in Frontier Defense, setting up the machine gun turrets is activating a game trigger. Try more of that.


(Assuming you are using the default color schema) Killing purple raiders gives you more points than killing red raiders. It’s not about the damage, it is about the points.
That’s why in Frontier Defense you get more resources, there are 3 yellow bosses, whereas the other raids offer just 1 or 2, killing yellow raiders rewards you even more

The player who got MVP had a much lower power score than you had. That player’s score will be calculated higher because they were handicapped when compared to you. You did more damage and tanked more damage but scored less.


Raids (haven’t done one in a long long time) used to work like that too. You’re probably right.

I liked to low-ball those and would generally clean up pretty good that way, and could never understand why people would come into those built to Olympus. It seemed grotesque foremost, but it also seems counterintuitive, since the rewards were higher for using minimalist armaments…if you could keep up.

That (minimalism) is a game mechanic that could serve this game well in a lot of ways if it were emphasized, implemented creatively, and used more broadly, I think.


Well, thanks for explanation, so we don’t have any parameter for to know our score, it’s ok for triggers, ok for purple, ok for power score builds but the real score is not into the killing and defence .
That is sure is developers can manipulate the game’s outcome as they wish.

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i was gonna say because he has more points…
'bet then i got this today,i got mvp with less points… :thinking:

Built different

another lower score gets mvp :thinking:

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I will explain to you why this happens, this happens for one reason only, you entered the match a few seconds after the match had already started, this is a bug in the game that never coincided, for you to be mvp in a match that entered a few seconds After it has already started, you have to score almost double the score of your allies who are already in the game at the beginning.

Next game and you enter late, pay attention to the score and compare with your allies and see what I’m talking about, I hate this.

No here’s the correct answer. You can deal more damage but if they hit/kill more vehicles while you just deal more raw damage they will get more points. You also get points for objectives like placing turrets.

Your power score has nothing to do with it period. If you pay attention to the score notifications on the middle right part of your screen as you defeat enemies you’ll understand the assist and destruction and objective points that pop up as you play a raid/mission.

Most of the people replying are completely incorrect do not worry about build or bugs.

If you have an identical score as someone else you both will receive a 1st place badge in raids. In missions (pvp) it will be whoever hit the score earlier.

The MVP highlight is different than the 1st place badge because 1st place badge considers all points while MVP is not affected by objective based points and only combat related points (assists and destruction)so sometimes on rare occasions someone with a very slightly lower points score can get MVP but not the 1st place badge

No because I often enter after the others and end up with the highest score and MVP

The correct answer is we have no reference to how our score is made up, you know how many kills you have done, you know how much you defended but you will never know what increased your score and this says a lot…