Can you imagine what the next relic weapons will be like?

Autocannons, grenade launchers, crossbows, melee weapons and drones. These are the five categories of weapons that do not yet have their respective relic weapon.

What do you imagine the relic weapon in each of these five categories would be like?

Gun + heating and also remove any negative thing about the gun that people might have mentioned before

like for example the only thing I could think people could complain about the Toadfish in general is that you need to land 2 shots, so instead of firing two bolts it only fires one. Also heats up parts

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what’s a relic?..


hits you so hard it sends you into orbit!

launches a giant canister that bursts open and rains bombs on someone. or it could be like the bouncer from ratchet and clank.

a giant meat cleaver. drive up to someone and chop their car in half!
that or maybe a giant drill.

miniature nuclear fuze drones. YES PLEASE! when they explode they have a mini mushroom cloud to! :heart_eyes:

its a cyclone… but with FOUR BARRELS!!
… what? … punisher already did that? … give them 8 barrels then!!! :crazy_face:

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A relic drone, Fuze style, that when it hits the enemy releases 2 kapcans and a pool of green fire :skull:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :crazy_face:

How about…supersized light sabers? The epic version (gotta have varying power levels) could immediately slice a car in half, putting scorpions to shame.

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looks like someones trying to compensate for something :smirk:


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That is what i what wanted a relic drone, they already released this years relic so most likely have to wait another year to see if that happens.

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