Can you show us the damage we did each battle?

Why the fudge do I have to do math every battle to calculate how much damage I did out of 2 million?
If the Clan Challenge tab can track my damage, then why can it not just be on the god damned result screen? You show me all this crap I do not care about, but not the damage! I never gave a fudge about damage done, but you idiots added that as a challenge, so we just have to fudging guess how much damage we did? Post it in the results! Tired of doing math to play a fudging game!


A surprising amount of games require math.

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You think they would learn by now. Challenges for Victories fine. Challenges for kills or damage causes allies to be toxic, ram you out of the way to steal your kill or damage. Allies then do not play to win, they play for points, damage or kills but care less about winning.
These stupid challenges and these stupid bars. If you can count down 7,000 damage or 20,000 damage or 2,000,000 damage, then why have a stupid bar? Just use numbers! Or use the bar with numbers! So stupid! Stop being stupid!

They have numbers… are the counting rules different on other platforms?

If you are at 0 out 7,000, or 20,000 or 300,000 or 2,000,000 then you can tell exactly how much damage you did. Then, you must remember the previous number, and while waiting for the next Mission, subtract the old number from the new number before the next Mission begins. So, after a possible 5-minute-long Mission, you have to remember the old number and before the next Mission begins, check the Challenge page for the current progress, subtract the old number and calculate the damage done. The stupid bar means nothing, especially out of 2,000,000. Most times it shows no progress at all!

2 million is a clan challenge…

It’s not meant to be completed alone.

You miss the point. They show us kills and kill assists. You can press tab and see how many parts you destroyed, how many items for movement, how many weapons and how many modules and unimportant parts like cabins get lumped into structure parts and all other parts. How a cabin is unimportant is beyond me, but that is another topic. Certainly, they could put damage done on the tab screen or the result screen and not some stupid bar. I want to know how much damage I do per battle, how many battles per hour, how much damage per hour, how many hours I have to play to reach 2,000,000 with only one clan member to help me. I have no idea why you would defend the stupid bar graph thing over real numbers.

It… it IS on the result screen. You just have to wait 2 seconds.

Where does it show my damage done on the result screen in numeric form? All I have is a stupid bar graph.

Drone players, amirite?

Now sidekicks instead of pythons, but yes.