Cannot even finish 5 Patrols before lag ruins the night!

Fix your servers!
I get a Flawless Patch with 2.5 minutes remaining.


People have been telling them to fix or get better servers for years, their response is, it’s fine on our end it’s on your end is what they reply between sips of Vodka :rofl:
No clue how hundreds if not thousands of people suffer from lag, desyncing, and buffering throughout the years all have crappy wifi who are all around the world :crazy_face:


The story I was told is that the Crossout servers are actually the Warthunder backup servers. Don’t know if that’s true or not, but that might explain the lag.


Raids are the worst specially Hard Raids. I lag so freaking much on there at times. Its sad.

For the fun of it…

I saw this confirmed by two Gaijin employees, some admins or such. I no longer remember under what circumstances (chat or forum?), it’s been a few years. Also, when on 2022.09.24 WT was DDoSed, Crossout got hit with bad lag for around a week. I happened to be recording a battle, so I captured the exact moment the server I was on server started lagging badly. I guess I should finally upload that video.

Running on a backup server wouldn’t degrade performance by itself as they are often identical configurations to the main systems to avoid un-needed complications. It’s fairly common when running multiple servers to have failover systems, where a second server runs a identical service as a backup. It generally only uses minimal resources, as there’s no user load on the service until something bad happens. In saying such, I wouldn’t be surprised if Crossouts backup server was the main Warthunder server either.

I woke up at 5:00 AM central time and could play on RU no problem. I log in and right about 7:00 PM it becomes unplayable. I got lucky and ran the Patrols on NA, but nobody plays 6000 Ps on NA, so I am forced to play 8000 to get matches. Many players on RU play 6000. Why is the connection good and then bad? Why always at 7:00 PM Central time? Why does it last for like 4 hours and then clear up?