Can't complete Wasteland challenge

I can’t complete the challenge to get 150 scrap because I am maxed out on scrap for the week.

I’m not worried about the scrap, but the progress on the ‘treasures of the wasteland’ is locked- which I also bought a battlepass for. Is there a way to get the reputation/experience toward it without getting the scrap?

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It’s a shot in the dark, but maybe the scrap limit resets at a different time of day than the challenge.

In my experience, though, you don’t have to do all the dailies to get the full benefits of the battlepass.
Wish I had better info…

Craft Common Items, destroy Common Items. Bad business but it will work.
At least those Challenges stack.

Scrap limits renew on Sundays with the weekly challenges. I have premium time, so my scrap limit per week is 6750. This limit I usually reach near the end of the week, except that with ‘Spring Mayhem,’ I’ve been getting maybe 100 scrap per match. I was done with scrap in 3 or 4 days this week.

To Lord Tutor, I looked at some spare common wheels I crafted and went to salvage them and would get 1 scrap per wheel. That’s a 15 to 1 ratio, and I’d have to craft 150 of them to get 150 scrap back. That’s insane, but it is an idea! lol As it is, I already spent all my scrap. I like to craft stuff to sell.

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buy headlights or tail lights and salvage them maybe , though that might take some time it would be cheaper than crafting to salvage

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Better yet, the devs can fix the game. :slight_smile:

Better yet try not to be an overachiever so you won’t reach the devs arbitrary cap limit

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