Can't connect or install game

Is there something wrong with the servers?
I cant connect to the servers (login) for 3 days.
Yesterday I uninstalled and tried to reinstall crossout but the launcher wont start to download anything.
It’s a bit strange because I noticed similar with telegram in the last couple of days… I have to connect via Telegram-Proxies to access telegram.
I am located in Germany - is it possible that there are some russian servers banned?
Tried VPN over russian server but same result… crossout and telegram wont work… all other apps on my machine are working fine…

It seems that there is a drop in player count since 2-3 days on steamdb.

Has anybody a similar issue?

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It seems that your torrent-file is broken. There is no tracker in it - download via torrent client doesnt work.

You should check your update system.

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