*can't get points anymore because i can't Beat myself? 🤔

what the **** is this Trickery?

'why play Confrontation and give us NO POINTS !!! ’

‘this is day 2 of No points’

‘How do i help my clan with this crap?’

‘Fix this Fast Devs’
'dumbest System=(Epic Fail) …


I bet they fix some of it soon. It’s pretty obviously screwed up. If it’s not actually broken, then it just sucks and needs improved. It’s got plenty of salt, but I think it needs an antibiotic.

Maybe that’s what is holding up the new pack with the orb-wheels? I thought that was supposed to drop when this update dropped. Maybe they knew it was messed up, but felt obliged to release it on the date they said they would, and since they were a bit more ambiguous about the release date for the pack, held it back while they work on making this mess tolerable.

Whatever they’re doing they don’t seem to feel the need to address any of it publicly, as usual.

I think this is might be their most unpopular update yet. It feels like strong competition for being one of their worst to me.

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You only play it to max out your scores.

This is not a mode you play all the time unless you just want to play it to earn scrap like I do. (By this I mean the 4vs4 mode.)

If you can do 5 awesome rounds in a row then your done. Well, at least for the score. You still need to complete challenges and you don’t have to play 4v4 to complete those.


So once you have your scores then go play the rest of the game to complete challenges.

NOTE: higher scores are giving in CW and Conformation 4vs4 then they are PvP missions. I think it is 10 times the points if I remember the patch notes correctly.

‘that makes no sense again’ i get +0 for 2 days now…

‘how is that helping my clan?’ c’mon man (we need points…wtf is maxed out? )

‘hold on’ “not a mode you play all the time” ???
what game should i play?

Stop Trying To Sell This Update :shushing_face:

‘this is the only game to play that they shoved down our throats’

i’m done talking about this update and stupid mode…

‘‘Fix this Devs’’ it’s broken :kissing_heart:


I stopped gaining points ~740.

I don’t think it had anything to do with “maxing points”. I think it’s a bug. But I don’t care, the world is on fire and I’m going fishing.


It is not a bug. Did you do that in PvP? Or conformation 4vs4?

tried both. and raids.
tbh though, I need to log in and check it, it may already be fixed.

This is the most correct answer, IMO. Good luck hunting. I hope you’re bringing the dog? I wish I was going, and I’m sure the dog would love it too.


i been taking a look at the patch notes and at first i was thinking that there was a cap per person but… it doesnt look like thats the case to me. so maybe it is a bug?
i was also thinking this had something to do with it but… im not sure…

  • The personal rating of each individual member of a clan or a band is the sum of the results of the five best battles during the season. This means that you can constantly improve and try to earn as many points per battle as possible in order to increase your overall score and contribute more to the total rating. The current personal rating of the player is displayed in the list of clan members.

Obvious really, that wasn’t a intended purpose. New players tier up into Clan Wars by skirmish 1K to 4K, and then rewards are given above 5K where these skirmish in PVP develop into Clan Wars. You have to start somewhere. You don’t get it. This software requires endless work. There are only so many hours in the day. It’s your job to play the game. These changes are like any other change. It’s not good or bad; it’s different now. In order to get the game to where we want it to be; requires changes. Grow up. Software design & development isn’t for kids.


‘it’s a new day’ and still nothing… :fu:

‘ANY Points would be nice’ instead of wasting my Time with +0… :rage:

I gave up chasing that mode around. If this is what Clan Wars is like, I’m not surprised is wasn’t very popular. It’s even worse than I had imagined.

They updated the menus, so that might help at least navigate the system, but the gated access makes Confrontation mode a worthless nuisance, IMO. At this rate, I’d complete that tutorial sometime next spring, supposing my give-a-shit hadn’t already been spent.

dude its 2 FREE epic crates. i mean… why not?
then again ive herd the epics in the crates are not tradable but i need confirmation on that. does anyone know if their tradable?


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It’s simply never available when I log on. I’m a loner, this account is a f2p project, and so that grind looks ominous to me, even if it was open all day. Since this is a f2p account, those free crates are sort of a must-have, though. IDK…I’m not digging it.

The “grind” is fairly literal too, considering how flush it is with melee-brick META.

The items you get from the tutorial are not tradable.

And you get 1 epic crate

ah fair enough.

ugh i still see shotgun bricks and whatnot quite often and i sigh everytime i do. people have no creativity. its just the same recycled build all the time. its why i quit pvp in the first place.

not tradable? well… crap… oh well, at least you can use it for fusions should you want to at an event. and only 1? couldve sworn it was 2 but ok. even if its just 1 it can still be used to fuse.

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They will state “not tradable”
They may also state “not for crafting” so be aware of that.

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My inventory has been supported mostly by free stuff up till this point (I’ve been grinding the helloutta it lately), so I could actually use whatever item is in there. It would help a good bit, and be a nice reward.

Typically I would only bust this account out to harvest the free offers, and really haven’t maintained it, so that inventory is pretty dry.

This time out, I was getting into it and have made some progress, then this update happened. Those badges are very relevant to the health of a f2p account, and I would suppose also for a fresh account. Loosing proper access has been a drag. I hope they work it out, and honestly, they usually do…and then they break it again. This game is messed up that way, and always has been, but this calamity is especially bad, I think…but it’s got potential?

huh… i actually did not notice that. i wonder why theyd do something like that… :unamused: