Can't really get any rewards due to in-game costs

hey all, im fairly new, around 3-4 months, doing quite well for myself, getting average PS of 6-7k, dont hit th the 8k mark yet,

enough pretext that no one cares about, on to the point!
as a new(ish) player im simply unable to reach these rediculous demands, 1250 bullet casings for the epic parts crate? i dont even play the story mode, so i basically wont be able to get that, not to mention the 900 coupon pricetag ON TOP OF THAT, i currently have 265 coupons, the highest ive ever had was 600, which i foolishly traded for a 25hr legendary part, in other words, it would take me months to grind that many coupons,

but the worst part? THEY ARE CHARGING US BATTERIES FOR EPICS, yes you read that right, batteries, which are a crafting component you can only get by having an 8k powerscore, and is only used for crafting LEGENDARIES, is now a requirement for the lesser tier crafting of epics,
so i cant even craft any epics or above this event either,

so basically, i could work my arse off for some stickers, or some medians?
who the fuck thought it was a good idea to softlock a very specific portion of the playerbase out of rewards? like i dont actually have any legendaries to my name, i cant get the 8k PS to get batteries, so i cant even get epics out of this event, what the actual fuck?

edit: so it seems im the fool once more, i didn’t realise two major things,
1 - coupons and bullet casings have to be bought from the market now, we cant simply earn them,
2- i dont actually get to craft anything beyond cosmetics, the rest is just upgrading parts,

i suppose the new game mode is fun and gives decent wires, i’ll stop my complaining now, proceeds to sell unwanted crap to buy coupons and bullet casings

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oh, and to add insult to injury, i was a fool and got the latest battlepass, which contained no real rewards except the novelty horn everyone could easily afford FROM THE EVENT BEFORE THAT

so what did i buy with my wonderoud 510 lighters? the god damned arothrons, they look good, but after some quick research, are easily considered the worst weapons in crossout, as i previouslyt said, im new and inexperienced to the meta of this game,
so thats another 2-3 weeks of hard grinding with barely any payout, should of just got the fricking destructor…

point being, that there is a trend from the developers, of giving us a turd and calling it gold,

The crate is a coupon sink for us who play years and have never used them.

You can also buy coupons at the market, i think they are very cheap.

These fusion events have always been exactly what the name implies…Battlepasses provide crafting options.

Also, you skiped a fused beholder to buy arothrons? You are so going to regret that later in the game.|

You could have done your reasearch from the begining of the event, but even without it, from a purely logical standpoint…What is going to make your progress faster and more enjoyable and act as a bank for the future:

  1. One of the best cabins in the game, a legendary one that you can build pretty much anything on it, fused.

  2. A legendary fused weapon you will probably use after a while, when you get at least 2 of the same, and it will be just one type of weapon.

  3. Some fused epic weapons and cabins that most of them will be pretty much obsolete once you hit 12k ps, useful mostly if you stay low ps.

I know you are a new player, but that last one is on you unfortunately.

i regretted those arothrons the moment i went into the first match with them lmao,

these are all valid points, i play too casual, and have paid the price, i wasnt inrerested in doing academics, was just looking for fun and thrills with this game,
glad to hear the crates are paying out better for older players,

you’ve given me some things to think about, i’ll start reevaulating how i view and play this game, im stuck at 6-7k, and this might be the reason why, im not investing properly,

thanks for the time,


Arothrons are very hard to play, and not very popular. However, they hit very hard when you’re in the sweet spot, and I find them very rewarding, in part because of how challenging they are.
Anyway, making bad purchases is part of learning Crossout. We’ve all done it.


They are not “paying out” for us older player very much, its just an option that probably has some benefits.

I will give you a free tip:

In crossout you have 3 paths of progress (assuming you are going to engage mid-long term in this game:

  1. Free to play: You will spend a lot of time to get things done after you need anything more than epics, which means carefuly calculating each step and wrong moves cost a lot of time.

  2. Paying customer: You buy your premium sub, your battle passes and a pack every now and then. You can have fun with the game doing silly stuff but up to an extend, buying and selling much without producing will eventualy hurt you when it comes to relics, even if you have a steady income of some uranium.

  3. Whale: I think that one is obvious, you pay for everything, the ammount is almost irrelevant…Which pretty much means the entire game is immediately unlocked to you and all is left is to gather experience and get skilled with it (both of these factors count a lot more than you will hear around here, paying doesnt automatically grant victories by any means).

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  1. Craft stuff that sells for high prices. Doesn’t matter if you pay or not. Don’t sell any materials, but ONLY craft parts that demand a premium. (Use profits to buy the parts you want) Watch the market, don’t be afraid to buy something cheap to resell. Make a buck on your buck. Do the PVE storyline. Do ALL engineering badges weeklies you can. Save up 3000 and get the purple crate. You can get one per week or slightly less than one per week if you do not do Clan Wars (and win the 5 games or w/e it is). This gives you a free purple you can use to craft legendaries. Save these. Do not sell them. You can always sell them later in the push for the price of a relic if needed.

None of these 4 will provide you with winning skill. Time played and map awareness determine much of that.

But in the end, 30k+ games bought my relics. Playing time will fix all equipment issues. Don’t rush to a high PS and get stomped, stay at a PS you feel competitive at.

no idea why this is in bold. no tags…

I’ll come in with a little advice I wish I’d heard when I started playing…

Don’t sell weapons, modules or cabs.

They may suck at the moment, but if you’ve been here 4 months, you’ve already witnessed a buff/nerf cycle or two. In time, most items come back to being useful again and the weapon you love gets nerfed into oblivion.

I sold stiff simply because I didn’t enjoy playing that way (cannons specifically) I regret that now! A dual Tsunami build would be a blast in the copter event! That’s just one example.

If you find a weapon, module or cab you REALLY like, upgrading them is a great idea. However, they occasionally have events where you only need 2 of an item to upgrade them.

For example, I love the sledgehammer on a sub-10k build. I mounted 4 of them on a build and ran that to get the daily shotgun challenge. So, I crafted 4 more and held on to them until I could upgrade them 2 for 1.

I’m currently sitting on 8 mace shootguns for the same reason (as well as a couple of cabs and modules).

If you study anything, study the synergies among weapons, cabs, wheels, and modules. A weapon can absolutely suck on its own, but when matched with modules, cabs and wheels that buff it into the stratosphere… Well…

Ever play against someone with machine guns that never seem to overheat or a plasma gun that does multitudes more damage than yours? This is why. They’re not cheating or hacking (what I used to think). They’ve just crafted carefully and wisely.

That sledgehammer build I mentioned earlier is a good example. It does around 9900PS, but CrossOut regularly puts me in matches with a 12-13 average. Yet, I still get M P frequently with that thing… And I suck. :joy:

With the upgraded sledgehammers with radiators, coolers and cab that buffs them, it’s a beast hitting well above where it has any right to.

thanks for all the advice everyone, there’s certainly alot that seems to get under utilised, im not much good with the market, but every now and theres a good profit to be had on something i dont use anymore or have a surplus of, the caucus’s have been a solid source of income for a couple weeks now,

ill reconsider some things, the nerf/buff waves is a very good shout, better to just find a mix of builds that are meta effective for the times, and stuff i just enjoy, and waiting out the waves,

best of luck out there everyone,