Can't Wrap My Head Around Flameraiders

I mean. I get that it’s a tournament. But, I mean, like…why does it exist separate from the game?? You gotta make a new account and everything and, not only that, but it has parts (like vertical boosters) that just aren’t in Crossout.

I just wonder if Flameraiders is the ACTUAL game, and that what we all know as Crossout is Flameraiders LITE.

Can anyone explain it to me before I start going off the rails?

It’s not a single tournament. It’s a partnered tournament group. They describe themselves as: “Flame Raiders is a promising community of true fans of computer games, which covers spheres of e-sport and entertainments in its activities.”

The reason for the separate account link is they reward stuff with their own badge system for placing in the tournaments. You can then cash out your earned badges in their shop.

Not being a part of the “main game” and having to make yet another user and jump through hoops and whatnot and play around with even more badges is the main reason I do not play FL tournaments. Sometimes rarely I could have time to play them, but even then I just do not feel like doing all of this

In my opinion it’s just stupid to have it that separate from the main game. Just like all kinds of building competitions that aren’t lash of engineers and need you to have a facebook account or something, like why? Why would I do that? Why can’t I just do it in-game?

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You don’t make another user it links to your Gaijin account. Same way you would sign in via a google or fb login to some pages.

They do tournaments for other games outside of Gaijin too, which is why it’s separate.

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