Cap leader board CC

we dont care how high you get anymore,your tactics are discouraging players from playing it…life is not a leader board !!

i dont care …but others might.just play nice.

:thinking: why play it beyond 90k? and have a leader board? :shushing_face:

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Clan monopoly go brr

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I simply don’t care, i don’t even know the guys, who’s who, or how it’s possible to monopolize.
I don’t want to seem blasé and i’m not in Blasé mode.
years ago i knew the important clans, players of those clans, even top clans in others servers.
Yeah, you could check the MM board at the beginning of a game and even if you didn’t saw any social media ( most CCs were in those clans), you knew that clan, that player ( names of unicoms clans and players appeared in purple).
Even in battle ( for the sake of argument, you didn’t saw the MM board) you could instantly realized you were trying to punch way above your weight when facing certain builds.
certain builds were only obtainable by wining competitive modes for 3 years in a roll
and there were flags ( Jolly Roger) only obtainable in the same way. When facing a division it was game over.
As a noob ( at that time) was my first contact with competitive modes, players, clans.
And slowly started to play competitive, i reached ranked 1 in ranked battles ( kind of CW for individuals) i earn my own Jolly Roger.

In Crossout there’s nothing that single out a player/ clan from the rest in the field, Crossout CCs are not in top clans AFAIK.
Now, by watching your print screen the ROUGE clan seems to be one of the top clans. OK i will try to remember that next time i’m on the field. Or i have to check a tab that i normally don’t check.

There’s no really incentive to play competitive, even if we ignore the usual complains about CW.

And hundreds of stickers… the irony

They could put a sticker with the crossout logo and give only to CW winners. they would put that sticker in their OP build. that way if i meet one in the field i know who’s who, who that guy is

I think CC should grant Uranium Ore fragments (10 fragments=1 Ore) in some type of way. Weather its simply for playing games and/or being a specific rank.

Personally I play CC because it’s my favorite game mode, don’t care about leader board above 90k. But it may be nice to care? Give us something :sunglasses: