Casings and coupons i overherd

so i asked what people thought they were going to do with casings and coupons before, i havent herd much about it.

so i bit the bullet (teehee) and went onto reddit and decided to ask there. many people didnt know what was going to happen to casings and coupons BUT i got an interesting reply from someone that reads:

“According to some people with insight the devs want to wait until all cases and coupons is spent spent before they are removed. Very silly. Should be removed quite quick when farming opportunity was removed”

this… doesnt bode well. if anything i think people will just hoard all the resources then make them into weapons or sell them at the last second for a massive profit. even then its going to take a VERY long time to get all the resources out of the game if you can even do that. itll also drive up the cost of piercers, fidgets and imps by alot in the future to.

just add them back into the game!

this is a myth…these are for beginners to we did…why the concern?

The higher tier engineers’ workbench still requires casings.
Last I checked, you would have to spend so much on casings to craft things on the bench that it was significantly cheaper to just buy the item on the market.

well… think about it.
if the resources keep running lower and lower then alot of items in the game will be harder to aquire. fidgets, imps and piercers rely on casings to be made, they are ALSO ingredients for blueprints as well and are required to make some of the event blueprints like the current one now as well as past blueprints. they are artificially creating more demand and driving up the cost of parts and whatnot. this isnt the way this game should be run. just add the resources back in, let us aquire them and make the weapons we want to make. the cost of casings and coupons will keep going up and up perhaps even getting up to the cost of uranium if people keep trying to drive up the cost. piercers, fidgets and imps will rise in price alongside them to.

its the beginner stage…
no one crafts after level 30 engineer…not on pc anyway.
too many market bots lol…
and they not going up…they use to be ten amount and they raised it to 100…that’s all’

not going up? umm on ps4 i looked yesterday and they went from 75 coin up to 108 per 100. over 1k coins per 1000 as well. it mightve dropped a bit but casings have been going up a bit. slowly but still its up in price.

i mean… unless your making stuff from scratch.

yes there are. this needs to be taken care of as well.

People still craft.

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Yes they do

where do you think a majority of the weapons on the market come from? how do you think weapons on the battle pass make it into the market? people craft them lol.