Casings and coupons

anyone know whats going to happen to engraved casings and coupons?
i havent herd anything about it and was wondering if the devs announced anything about them. any news?

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I didn’t pay much attention when casings disappeared, but a little while ago I wanted to craft some of the exhausts on the secret workbench, and found that the cost of casings on the market made it better to just buy the decor items.
Guess I shouldn’t have sold all mine.

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I thought the idea was to remove these at some point.

But it has been a long time.

I don’t remember them attaching or stating any long term goals other than removing them when the did.

I had hoped they would fix the decor items using them but seems a no go…

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i have 12k of each of them but i was holding onto them incase they were going to change their minds but it doesnt look like they will, maybe i should sell them incase they do remove them so i dont lose out on a big cash stack.

maybe they forgot about them?

i was hoping theyd use them for other items to but it doesnt really seem like it huh?

unsure, but id like to know. i better just sell mine as i have no use for them.

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I just hope that when I sold all mine the price was decent. I probably lost a lot of potential profit though.

As to whether to sell them now, it’s hard to say. I would hope that if they removed them completely, you would be compensated, but I’m not confident it will go that way.
If the current situation continues though, they should continue to increase in value.

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I’ve only been using shells when needed for crafting.

its about 40 coins per 100 so idk. last i looked it was around 30 coins per 100. im waiting till it goes back up to sell them.

I have crafted 7 Gerridas and have paid out the nose for shell casings to craft Piercers. Worse, there was a reward crate that gave you 2 Piercers but they turned out to be not used for crafting. If Shell Casings get erased from the game at some point, it will not be before everyone who has hoarded them has had a good long chance to reap insane profits off of them.

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I would imagine as long as there are high amounts in peoples inventories, there isn’t a need for changing anything.

Removing the ability to gain new ones effectively removes them from the game over time. This game is a long long term game.

Not to brag but I pushed out enough to have 8 left after an extra motor… It might be more difficult latter though as the shells are removed from the market. They won’t be able to use them in crafting forever and people will complain if the market price is too high.

I had a coupla thousand that I sold whenever a challenge was “buy or sell an item on the market”. Maybe I shoulda kept them. I figured I got them for free, and since they were being phased out, I should just sell them. Maybe I shoulda waited… :frowning:

what profits? everything thats required to make the weapons using casings cost more the the guns do xD
aint no profits there chief lol.

I made and sold a few fidgets with my caseings. Now they gone.


Fidgets go for a ton on Xbox.

Seems like anything you need casings to craft has been creeping up in value.
I’ve been wanting to give fidgets a try, but finding it hard to justify the price.

There is much stronk in multiple fidgets. (I wish fidget and imp perks worked together)