catalina aesthetic enhancement

prevention: I use google translate to translate from French to English, sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m here to propose two ideas to improve the aesthetics of the catalina cabin, hoping to catch the attention of the game developers :slight_smile:

my first idea would be that the flame effect at each level reached also impacts the exhaust decorations and let’s be crazy, a slightly more pronounced effect (or colored flame) for level 10.

my second idea would be to fill this void between the roof of the cabin and the boards where the structural parts are placed, it’s a detail, but I find it quite ugly to see a large structure hanging on the 4 rods of the roof .

Bonne journée :smiley:

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I really hope we get a ravager ck for the cacalina cabin, it could go well with the “setting” of it (Christine film) and then truly be, a posessed car

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