Catalog of apocalyptic motor vehicle movies (typo corrected)

I don’t know when the power will come back on but on NPR I was hearing about a new Mad Max movie called “Furiosa”.


Character it’s about:

It had me wondering could we make a large list of vehicular combat movies or out laying movies that we enjoy. Just as a resource for the community.


In no specific order, just off the top of my head:

1.) Maximum Overdrive.
2.) Mad Max: Fury Road (an obvious one).
3.) The whole Kitt vs Karr thing from the Knight Rider series.
4.) T-34
5.) and that scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indy takes control of the rig holding the ark and starts plowing through everyone in it.

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I just saw a really bad movie version of a good book called Wandering Earth. While the movie was horrible, they had some great giant trucks, and some even had strafing ability. All the wheels could pivot completely, which allowed them to stop suddenly and go sideways.

Here are some toy versions of them:


Fixed my typos and posted the trailer to the OP.

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Hell, yes.


My entry to the list:



I guess Charlize Theron went a bit too woke to be recast in Mad Max :rofl:

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Do we really care… I just like the idea of seeing some of the back story…

Damnation Alley (1977)

I asked for these wheels once on the old idea forum…

Some of mine have already been covered but I’ll post the ones that I can think of.


There’s maybe 4 of these death race movies…

Spotted this too while looking:

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Love the 70’s sci-fi cheese in that video (top).

I’m trying hard to convince myself not to shave my mustache like George Peppard’s.


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I could go for a Train simulator done in the style of Crossout, maybe for the range?

You could give it a crafting feature, where you contribute resources to it, then it drives off into a tunnel on your ranch, and then comes back later and drops off the part? Sort of like combining a farming simulator with model trains.

You could build different styles of cars that delivered different kinds of loads, like a flat bed rail car that you donate resources to, then it when it returned it would deliver a cool new blue print, set up and ready to go.

The developers could use it to deliver seasonal gifts, upcoming event advertisements, or resources too, like they do with the visitor feature.

Ravager trains? It’s be great for Adventure Mode too, I think.

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Ark II (1976)

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The Whacky Racers


if you aren’t first, you’re last!!

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Furiosa looks fun! Love that world of movies and its setting. Cant wait to watch it.

Not to many vehicles in this movie below but the atmosphere is mad maxy…in ways…its called “steel dawn”…