It would be nice if we had some basic categories that we use to have in the old forum in here to keep things actually tidy as posts get repopulated. It would make it look like less of a downgrade too.


Exactly. Day 1 on a new web page for all are always a tough day with expressions and confusions lol

I know it’s day one but I just can’t fathom rolling something large like a forum change out without setting everything up, it seems very unprofessional.

The Discourse forum software this is running now actually has a better reaction add-on if they would just enable it than the old forums use to have. It’s find of funny though with the old emoji’s I couldn’t really tell if they were trying to use the confusion face also as a rolling eyes one or if they were actually confused.

I like that you can see how much people read the forums and other stuff like the colors and its alot better to type at night on the eyes as well just incase you haven’t noticed yet. Also the old load screen is seen and it just seems more like a crossout page then some silly white with little to no color one. This seems more pleasing to some but the newer generation seems to struggle lol and to top it off it reminds me of general chat with the white font. So in the end i see more positives and better attractiveness to it so its not soo school web page classified in theme but more of a out of date look actually will pull it off. Just because the future is cool and all don’t mean its what is best in some cases. Older consumers will appreciate this because it is a Moderate rated game and now a forum if you look at the bottom of the web page. And honestly after you crossout all day the forums feels like the night time reading material before bed so zzzzz it up wastelanders after you put your concerns and ideas into it will make a better conference. Maybe its own crossout emoji’s could happen if we put in positive output in here. All it takes is a new way to look at things sometimes. Definitely more crossout themed and thats dope in my point of view.


The colors and stuff don’t really bother me but I use dark reader and adjust stuff. Some of the colors look of between the webpage and the forum even when I turn that off though. I’m sure it will go through some more changes though. I don’t care that much about the layout as long as it works it works.

The only function that I don’t really see that I’ll kind of miss is the spoiler text box which was nice for hiding details in longer posts.

There’s some other plug-ins that would probably be helpful for them to turn on like there’s a translate one that would be nice when we occasionally have a language poster that ignores that it’s an English forum.

lmao at the boomers who think the dark theme is an upgrade because they cant dark mode in their browsers.

The game doesn’t have crossplayer, why even the forum has it? Forgot to separate PlayStation, Xbox and PC speeches?

It’s is very unprofessional. But what do expect from them at this point?

I just dim the screen. But if i dont have to change themes then im happy and they did it remind you its about crossout with this theme stuff. Sorry us boomers know easy use computers not this new age broccoli fed to you young peeps like its the best. Lol try to pick a fight with someone shorter not taller haha.