Caucasus exists forever i can remember, it’s in this game longer than me. Yes, i heard about it’s past Opness back in the day, i saw them, i fought them but was one of those weapons i never looked twice…until i started to play drones.
How can i explain, everything wrecks drones but Caucasus it’s in it’s own league, it’s like a T100 among Rambos and Commandos (other SGs and Mgs).
So i decided to give it a try.
I found out that’s a excellent means to lighten up the grind, in whatever build it is it’s a great way to make raids comfortable and even enjoyable. but there is much better weapons for PVP/PVE.

weakness in raids

  • when paired with much higher PS weapons.
  • they don’t lock the target when they have a blocked line of sight ( team mates, carcasses)

Caucasus it’s a Mg and it’s range is limited to 100 m regardless of the type of radar you use, has much less range than others Mgs.

I recommend this weapon for those who wants/needs raw materials it will do the " job " with much less wear and tear to the player who have to do them, not the best but great to complete goals, to play for the objective.

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I’ve heard some…people say that just having one mean META monster that does all tasks without flinching is the way to go. But, I think you’re right; that having specialized vehicles for separate modes can be more fun and also more effective.

Right now, I’m not sure the difference between Clan Wars and PVP is as clear as it used to be, but I do think that raids, patrols, and PVP ask different things of your build, and I too like to build with a distinctly different strategy for each of those categories.

I will have to give the Caucasus a try one of these days. I have a cool CK for them.

it’s far from being the best but with them i can do raids all day long, as a matter of fact it’s what i’ve been doing mostly
5 raids a day + some fast dailies.
But they are days where i play nothing but raids .

I will try eventually doing towers and legs.

But they are very low effort for raids

i really like the caucasus but it has its downsides. funnily enough, with a radar i can hit farther away then i usually can. even more then 100m at least is what it looks like to me. i have 2 of them fused and having coolers on them really helps the burst time. like every weapon though they do have their downsides.
edit: is actually is about 100m so i was wrong on that part. it still is a bit of a distance though.

  • can only target the cabin
  • can be blocked by environment / team mates / wreckages. (team mates will block each other on purpose to point hog as well)
  • slow turn speed

i notice people who run these dont get a ton of points in raids, the reason is because alot of team mates are point hungry and get in the way or try to point hog as much as they can (retcher and porc builds are notorious for this nonsense) so the guys running caucasus’ dont really score very big. caucasus builds are nice but i just feel that their not to reliable. the face they target the cabin is nice and all, but for tougher enemies you need to strip those weapons cause they can hurt. i suppose if you ran a nova cabin you can absorb some cannon shots in return for targeting the cabin but… idk how to feel about that.

now i have my 2 fused, but with 2 rads and 2 coolers these things never stop firing. even when they stop firing to cool down, its for less then a second. their cooldown is near instant. im sure if i had 3 it would be pretty damaging as well. but really these things can get pretty powerful. i have 2 rads and 1 cooler thats fused and 1 that isnt fused. only time ive really used them is sometimes in raids when im bored or in the past christmas events with gronch.

It’s a short range when compared with other MGs, they are fix to 100 m
i tested with the white radar, the blue one and with the epic one that sees at 600 m.
the range didn’t change, currently i’ve been using the white one (it’s smaller and lighter) but i do have one spared point of energy, to use a doppler, there’s a faction similar to nomads that uses stealth, so in those raids i intend to use it, to maintain lock on target.

Yes they lock strait to the cabin, and they manage to hit it even at incredible steep angles but if you position yourself directly behind the bot, the Caucasus will shoot through everything to reach the cabin.

Yes, you wont do as much damage than the rest, the most i did so far was slightly above 30 k , but that won’t impact the gaining’s in raw materials, as long i manage to do 13/15 k i will earn 18/24 plastics and the workload will not be as heavy. Crater, Rock city, Founders Canyon are quite relax ones.
I only have a fused Seal, nothing more, but i could. I’m thinking in using a blue rad instead to shrink my PS as much as possible