Challege accepted!

For a time now i’m thinking of stuff (two/ three weeks or so) involving other stuff that i want to try out.
There i was chilling just moments ago when i saw this old video, it touched a chord very close to home.

But instead of spikes i’m thinking putting varuns

hey, @8305886 , now that you show it’s possible, challenge accepted, with a gasgen and all.

it can take a while, i’m at saving resources to mass build phase.

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happy hunting!

Why would you save resources for Varuns? They are a pack item, so they are cheep. Sell your resources and just buy them for coins.

It’s not just Varuns but more things like legs, cabins (3 or 4 ), weapons, some legendary, some i will build myself, other will serve as means to reach an end.

Almost all cases it is not worth crafting.

I know, but i have to build to get coins to be able to have some toys.
I can’t just buy packs.
So far i bought 1 BP and even then i got 1 each (of the things i got)