Change in time needed to capture base?

It seems that time to capture base is much shorter.

Many last games were finished through base capture, and it was not the case a couple of days ago.

We did not even have the time to really play and it was over !!

Bring the old timer back pls.


you didn’t read the last lore update?

Apparently, there is a new strain of the crossout virus and is affecting the survivors all over the wasteland.
the Syndicate and the Dawn’s children joined forces to find the cure, which they did in record time but they screw up in the distribution of the vaccines and now they are recruiting us to undo that mistake.
A general truce was declare, all combat are suspended and for a couple of days both teams have to race to the opposite cap to deliver the vaccines.
I converted my old racer into an ambulance, what are you waiting for? Get a move on, man.
But beware, there’s always people out there lacking scrupulous.

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what bullshit are you talking about?
Don’t you think that the timer is too short?

EDIT: and on top of that, being in the base no longer blocks capturing…

The same BS that you are complaining about.
Yes, too short.
But once there is another and slightly older topic where i already express my opinion, i got creative and add a little sarcasm.
But you putted simple and direct.
this experiment it’s just a huge BS, and for a couple of reasons more.
like making us, which play in the live server , guinea pigs and so on.

I did a post about it, I assume you saw it, if you didn’t here it is!


Today and for the whole weekend, we are slightly adjusting the familiar rules of PvP battles.

We think that the majority of active players will agree that capturing a base in battles is not always seen as a priority for teams. This partly depends on the size of the map and the distance to the enemy base. But, more often than not, this process takes quite a long time.

That’s why we invite you to try out the battles with accelerated base capture process and evaluate how the gameplay and behavior of both your allies and opponents on the battlefield will change. From the evening of September 2 to the morning of September 5, the base capture process will be twice as fast! This change is relevant both for cases where the base is being captured by one player, and for cases when the base is captured by 3 players at once (the maximum number of players that increases the rate of base capture).

Attention! The change will be active from September 2, 12:00 GMT, until September 5, 05:00 GMT. The change is relevant only for the “Capture”, “Encounter” and “Control” modes. If necessary, the base capture rate can be changed or returned to the original rate ahead of schedule.