Change of hearts

I bought the FAV cab after the nerf, i used it with SGs builds, then i started to use other cabs with my SGs and i didn’t noticed any difference, then i got bored with SGs and moved on to something else.
The FAV cab was left abandoned in my inventory for the longest time, it had the selling button dangling over it at certain point… tomorrow i will do it… but i never did it.
Then i went for sidekicks with the intend of making the most compact and tanky build possible, i did it. it check all the boxes. Compact, tanky I used my FAV cab. why not?
with the extra of using the right co driver.
Now i have a new build for PVE, it has Caucasus and it’s designed to ease the grind effect on my person and it accomplish exactly that.
Now i’m thinking in fusing it for more mass.
Fav it turned out to be a good multipurpose cab

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