Changes after the mass testing

Changes after the mass testing


r/Crossout - Changes after the mass testing

Hello, survivors!

Last weekend we launched a public test server so you could try out the “Supercharged” update, which will be released next week. Today we’ll share information on what is going to be changed after analyzing your feedback and questions.

New vehicle controls for the movement parts with the strafing function

It is, probably, the most discussed change that has divided all the players into two groups. We have thoroughly analyzed your feedback, suggestions and questions and now we’re ready to announce our final decision.

Once the update is released, all the players will have a choice between both new and old control schemes. Those players, who are fond of the new controls, will be able to dive straight into battle with the new settings. Those, who still have troubles with the new controls or haven’t yet got used to the new settings, will be able to activate the old control scheme in the game settings. Let’s make it a bit clearer.

Once we have started to work on a new control scheme for the movement parts with the strafing function, we realized that such changes may seem a bit harsh and/or spontaneous for some of our players. That’s why we’ve implemented both old and new control schemes support. But, in order to let all the players at least try the new scheme, we’ve disabled the choice option on the test server.

We should mention that this option makes the development process more complex and it’s not as easy to maintain as it may seem. We believe we should give you an opportunity to get used to the new controls with an ability to switch between schemes whenever it’s required. Later we’ll analyze both old and new control schemes and make a decision regarding the future of the control scheme choice option.

And what about “sideways” builds? Are they still legit?

The old control scheme still allows you to use your sideways builds, but we still believe that something should be done with this way of building cars. In one of the future updates we plan to change hover models and make them symmetric. This, probably, will change the way hover-based cars will be built and, thus, solve the issue. We’ll share more information on our official “Supercharged” livestream next Monday, October 24!

Hovers parameters

Since the old control scheme and sideways-builds still remain in the game, both Icarus IV and Icarus VII do not require such a drastic change in parameters. In the release version tweaks will be less notable, compared to those from the test server.

Mechanical legs

All in all, we’re satisfied with how updated mechanical legs perform. The only change will make it a bit harder for the “spider” builds to climb any obstacle in front of them.

Please, pay attention that we have stated only the most important changes. The release version may contain some other tweaks and changes, as we’re still working on the update.

See you on our official livestream next Monday!

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well, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know

Hover players be like “that was a close one…”


This is pretty disappointing, I think. It sort of depleted my already drained ambition to play this game. I feel let down, but I’m sure it could be worse. I’ll get over it, I suppose. IDK. As it is, I’ve only played maybe 5 or 6 matches (pvp) in the last week or longer. I spent some time doing an entry build for the Pumpkin Contest, but I’m hella bored with the game the way it is, and scrounging for inspiration.

My War Thunder Download is complete, though. It looks like they’ve updated that a lot since I was there last. Maybe I’ll Skin a few planes while they figure this thing out, or at least until my disappointment wears off.


I’ll still be looking forward to their Halloween event and that new Catalina Pack.

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I’m disappointed too, but at least I’ll still be able to experiment with the new controls, and I am excited to see how legs, augers, omniwheels, and wheels have been updated.
It’s funny, I see people complaining on the forum that the devs don’t listen to players, but I feel like the real problem is the opposite. Too many ideas have been shelved because the community freaked out before they even gave them a chance.

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The wording implies they haven’t taken imposing the camera steering as the sole control scheme off the table, just for now allowing both because it was clear people were not happy with that prospect.

Still, better that completely upending the game in a haphazard way.

Though I wonder what changes to hovers are being scaled back. The difference between Icky IV and VII? The way they balance a build. which I felt the change to how the hover cushion worked was more than enough to shake things up.

I think the only thing they are scaling back are the buffs to hovers they were going to do to make up for killing off sideways hovers.
Which unfortunately means that non-sideways hovers will still be at a disadvantage, at least until they try changing to a symmetrical model (which could break even more builds than the originally proposed change).

Please have some courage in your ideas devs! I fear the attempts at compromise could screw things up more. You can’t make everyone happy, and you will rarely hear feedback from happy players. The complainers are always more motivated to be loud, but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily the majority.

There’s a time and place to stick with your plan, and a time to listen to others. “I saw a spider in the bathroom, I better burn the house down to get rid of it.” is not a idea one should double-down on. Which is what enforcing camera-steering on all strafing parts was; it was destroying a lot more than just the perceived problem.

To reuse the comparison I made before, they need the scalpel, not the chainsaw.

I wonder if this means they’ll cancel the hover trade over swap thing as well.

Also, does anyone else find the line “Those, who still have troubles with the new controls or haven’t yet got used to the new settings,[…]” bit rather dismissive and belittling? The tone of the post overall seems begrudging that too many of us dared find the camera steering not the best thing ever.

Not really

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Does anyone have a better solution to sideways hovers?
I know some people say just let us mount them to the front and rear of the frames, so that sideways have no advantages, but I’m not convinced that’s the way to go. All that would really change is to allow people to essentially make sideways builds with a forward facing cabin. It doesn’t change what makes sideways builds annoying to fight against.
I guess one of the things they’re doing which could shake things up is the stability changes on hovers. If narrow builds become too tippy, the sideways advantage disappears. But if you take that too far, hovers become way too delicate because losing one or two could make your build impossible to drive.
Ever since this change was proposed, I’ve been keeping track of the types of hover builds I see, and almost none of them are set up to shoot to the side, which makes me think that most of the people freaking out about the steering changes were more upset about their sideways builds getting killed off and needing to relearn their driving techniques.

…man you all have tunnel vision.


These also are impacted by the control scheme change. Especially builds rolling around on Meat-grinders, you’ll find plenty designed to be capable of broadsiding. It’s not all about hovers, for crying out loud. If the controls only applied to hovers, the devs likely have found overwhelming support. But they made it affect all parts capable of strafing in a universal way. Which eliminates many builds that do not use hovers.

They should buff the strafing a little and nerf the acceleration/ backing up considerably. Just make strafing on both forms of hovers equal, at the cost of generally making the line between normal hovers and sideways hovers close to nonexistent because now they all strafe equally wether it is by actual strafing or forward/backward of the sideways hovers. Just say no to sideways zigzag cheesing that ultra instinct dodges most weapon fire as a whole. Basically make sideway hovers much more worse and normal hovers a bit better and call it a day

And then don’t go through with the change once the hoverbabies cry loudly once again when their favorite crutch no longer gives them le epic instant skills

Ok, even if they go back on the controls, sideways hovers, as they are now, will still be distorted.

They are doing a little deception here.

They say they are not adding the option to the test server so people can get used to the new system. Well, that is partly true. They also do not want player to test new hovers with the old controls because they no longer work the same even if you have the same controls.

Hovers now push on the ground in the shape of a triangle. That means one side of the hover has more push then the other. If you mount a hover the way a forward build works then they balance out because the push force is spread cross the build in a line right to left across the build (I would really need to draw a picture to explain)

But when you rotate the build it makes the triangle the other way, and the push force is much greater on one side instead of being balanced so it tips the build over.

Also they made hovers to need to be spread out more to balance correctly. Side hovers put most the hovers right next to each other. Larger builds that have like 9/10 hover might be able to balance this out but those little 3/4 hover build just flip over.

We have a video of it (I’ll find it and post the spot where it shows this)

The “we will let you have both controls” is just something to keep people happy till the patch is added. Because even though people have been complaining about the controls what they really mean is “don’t ruin side hovers” - the dev team has already planned for this and added a change that with any control set up hover just will not work the same sideways.

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Ok, so In the first test they left a “bug” in the game that let you test what it would be like to have hovers that mount in front and back instead of the sides.

So this let you test how sideways hovers would work with the new hovers blances.

With only 4 hovers and them really close together the build will keep flipping over. You maybe able to fix it with more hovers spread out but it is not even close to the way they used to work.

Goto the below video link and fast forward to 6:30 second. You will see what I’m talking about.

In this new test they removed the front and back hover “Bug” and also removed the ability to test traditional hovers. Hmmmm I wonder why.

What do you guys think? Am I looking at this wrong?

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I felt like they cancelled my birthday. But I’ll survive, I guess.

It’s only a flesh wound.


It was absolutely belittling. They were basically saying we were struggling to use it as opposed to fundamentally against it. Multiple times.

And you are absolutely right about people with tunnel vision on it. It affects everything, not just hovers.

And furthermore, their stated objective was to level the playing field for all hover players, saying that the sideways ones had unfair advantage compared to forward facing hovers. Allowing hovers to be rotated puts EVERYONE on an equal playing field. Stated mission = Accomplished immediately.

If the objective was to nerf the effectiveness of hiding the hovers where they essentially cannot be mobility killed, then that would be its own thing. But that’s not what they said. They said it was that they had an unfair advantage. Their words and actions are contradictory.

That was only if you loaded old blueprints from exhibition from what I saw, (they weren’t bugged they were just from the forward facing hover test build). If you tried to move them once you loaded the blueprint it wouldn’t let you adjust them. You can still find upwards facing boosters from a different test like that too.

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