Changes in the announced balance tweaks

Hello, survivors!

Tomorrow Crossout will receive an update that will include various balance changes. As we promised earlier (see here), today we publish what has been changed from the first announcement based on the results of closed testing and your feedback. The changes to all other parts listed in the first announcement remain unchanged.


  • Reduced the resistance to melee damage from 90% to 80% for all bumpers, except for the “Impact” bumper.
  • Reduced the resistance to melee damage for the “Impact bumper” from 80% to 70%.

Comment: bumpers are very effective in countering melee damage, which is especially noticeable after the frequency of their use as armour has greatly increased. Many will notice that the change is not as radical as in the first announcement — we decided to stop at these values and see if they would be sufficient in the game server conditions.


  • Initial rate of fire increased by 25%.
  • Maximum rate of fire increased by 14%.
  • The time required to reach the maximum rate of fire increased from 3 to 4 sec.
  • Durability increased from 661 to 714 pts.

Comment: our statistics showed that the “Cyclone” needs small improvements aimed at improving damage and survivability in battles. Changes to the rate of fire will also help the autocannon to become more effective. As a result, the autocannon’s rate of fire at any given moment will be higher than before these changes were made.


Changed the perk: now damage is increased by 30% for every second of contact with the enemy. The effect stacks up to 7 times and gradually resets every second when the weapon doesn’t deal damage.

Comment: the weapon depends too much on Tesla emitters, but even with them it shows insufficient effectiveness. We have decided to return the old perk to the “Harvester” while also rebalancing its parameters. We took into account the community’s concerns about the fact that increasing the initial damage could cause possible issues with overestimated total damage of the weapon, and decided to make the Harvester’s effectiveness more dependent on the usage of its perk. Now each charge of the perk adds more damage, there are more charges, and they are not reset as quickly as originally intended.

We remind you that the changes to all other parts that are not listed here remain unchanged.

See you tomorrow in the “Foxy’s secrets” update!


Does this mean the changes are going live tomorrow?
I’m excited.

Although I noticed recently that brake lights are still reversed when using augers. I could have sworn that got fixed.

Sounds like it.

Cyclones are one of my favorite guns.

I played them in CWs in top ten for about 6 months even when people thought they sucked and did damn good with them.

Now that they are going to actually be good I’m excited to see what these things can do.


Cmon monkey, lets not pretend that was 100% not because of the perfect autoaim lockon. Ive seen the video. Without that, theyve been cannon fodder back then.

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all i know is im happy i crafted cyclones recently.

There’s a Cyclone option in the season’s rewards, there’s bound to be a bunch of people using Cyclones by then, and the attributes of Cyclones in the season are powerful, I have a bad feeling about this

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If they become too dominant, they’ll get nerfed later.
But I would argue that their existing problems will probably keep them from being too OP. They’re still huge targets and not that hard to degun, and their slow rotation speed puts them at a big disadvantage against close range attacks.

Gerridas and proper armoring can mostly negate those two issues. Ive never seen a literal single cyclone armored up to its fullest potential, besides mine. Not boasting, just saying ive never seen them done properly. Avia double slope and the right bumpers are the way.

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I think the fact that no one but you does that is more evidence that they’re unlikely to take over, even if some people will do very well with them.
But I could be wrong. Maybe a good build will end up on exhibition and everyone will download it.

100%, they were out today in their dual cyclone at 9000ps and couldn’t get 200 score, they had to load up their porcs at 9000ps instead and still had to be carried.

The buff won’t magically make them better in the hands of bad people, the old aim assist was super OP and gave a lot of players false confidence

Personally can’t wait for the Cricket buff, will be a fun time

Yes but these drawbacks can be avoided with hover

You two should get in bed already xD

And by bed i mean a fusion build, OBVIOUSLY :joy:


You’re not wrong, but I rarely see them on hovers. I’m sure someone is doing it, but Stillwind hovers seem much more common than Cyclone hovers.

I play a big 3 Cyclone Nova hover on Icarus IV’s. It works pretty good. I don’t see very many cyclone hovers either.

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Fixed a bug where the brake lights were activated all the time while the vehicle equipped with augers or the “Omni” wheels was moving backward or forward.


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I hope they also fixed the weird rumble thing my controller does constantly with those parts. The constant hand massage is distracting.