Changes in the mechanics of obtaining items for the range


As you already know, the next update will be dedicated to the return of the “Steel Championship” to the Wasteland. But the return of the updated football brawl and the start of a special football season (yes, there will be such a thing!) are not the only notable events of the future version 0.13.90. In this update, we also plan to improve the mechanics of getting new items for decorating your ranges.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all.

Now, most of the items for the range require a special resource “Building materials”, which can be obtained by dismantling other items for the range, recycling of paints, decor and stickers, or in some other temporary activities. Only basic blocks and ramps can be relatively easily produced from the common resources (scrap metal and copper).

With the “Steel championship” update, all items for the range from the “Building” tab can be produced in the usual way: using items for the range of previous rarities, as well as basic resources (scrap metal, copper, wire, plastic — depending on the rarity).

We plan to retire the “Building materials” resource. All the building materials that you have on your accounts will be compensated with Engineer badges. We remind you that the badges can be exchanged for resources or special containers in the corresponding tab. The exchange rate for building materials will be determined closer to the update’s release.

Another important change will be that most (but not all) range items will become tradable and could be sold or bought on the in-game market. As a result, the mechanics of production and trade of items for the range will become similar to ordinary parts, which will greatly simplify the process of range building.

Some of the rarest and most valuable items for the range can be purchased in the in-game store with crosscrowns. Some of these items can then be resold on the market to other players (if the item is tradable). With the update’s release, the packs “Builder pack” and “Amusement park pack” will be removed from sale for crosscrowns, and building paint will later be obtained by recycling decor, paints or stickers. Separately, we’d like to note that the items for the range, which were received for rating leagues during in-game events, will remain unique and will not be produced, traded on the market or sold in the store.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned to our news and don’t miss the start of the brawl and the special season!

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Sounds like it’s about to get a lot more expensive. :frowning:

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Sounds good. I hope it opens some opportunities to get more items. I try to get weekly crate but didn’t get anything interesting from it other than couple oil rigs. Also crafting menu is quite poor. Definitely welcome the opportunity to sell some useless stuff and buy useful.

Agreed, this is just a way to pull more coins and resources out of the economy.

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To me it sounds like I’m about to make a lot of coin from selling off a ton of stuff I don’t care about! Also looking forward to a bunch of engineer badges instead of a resource I will never use!

(Of course I may regret selling off all my range stuff if they actually do expand the range system to something more fun)

I just hope they don’t make it prohibitively costly.

I like that they plan on making the market place open for range items. I don’t have much extra at the moment as I’ve been upgrading blocks like crazy a lot of my extra items went into that. I really can’t count how much stuff I burned through just to get building material. Even if you sell stuff as long as they don’t mess with the few crates people can earn each week it shouldn’t be too bad. It’s kind of a long over do change I just won’t be profiting off of it right now. lol…

Well, this will be on the player market.

I’m going to assume people will try to make as much as people will let them.

What exactly are you building on your range?
I’ve made some race tracks and some silly stuff, but mostly I just use the damage meters, the speed test things, and the destructible vehicles to test explosive and heat damage.

Right now I have a wide as the range goes arched hanger with two , double block wide ramps going up to a second floor oval race top. I’m expanding the second floor top to be 3 blocks wide at the moment. A small encampment area sits to left front of it and some pumpjacks and tanks to the right. The target range works down the center of the hanger which is the majority length of the range.

I have the damage meter sitting in one of the arches on the right. Some of the arches are open and some closed for driving practice.

Photos from before I started expanding the top. I had to change out a fair bit of the upper blocks to extend it. I’ll have to take some new pics soon. I’m on the final leg of the expansion which is about half the length of the right side top. Surprisingly the point total is almost the same so far.


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Wow, that is impressive!

Maybe I won’t sell all my junk after all. Is there any way for us to visit each other’s ranges yet? I haven’t really been paying attention to this aspect of the game, but those photos were really inspiring.

I probably wouldn’t sell everything either. As far as visiting garages goes there are two ways to do it and it will basically load a garage instance for you. If you go to the players profile there’s a small little box in upper corner on the avatar photo and you can get to a link to visit there. The other way is on the friends menu you can click for a submenu that has a link to visit too. The limitation at the moment is you can’t interact on the garage map with the actual garage owner while visiting.

Thanks, I started building as soon as the feature was released just haven’t stopped working on it. It’s gone through multiple phases to get to where it is now including small race track and driving courses. If I had more points and space, I’d set up some more stuff really. That’s one of the reasons I worry that the cost increase might get prohibitively high as it’s fairly costly as is.

Some of the structures can be really useful for build testing too.

Yes you can, and ranges are in the exhibition.

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Aw sweet I can (hopefully) turn these items that I have no use for into money and also get a few badges


Yeah I like the idea too! I think every thing should be tradable, from the crafting recipes to all resources, parts,paints, stickers, etc

I am praying that they allow me to sell all my stabilizers someday.

maaaan, i saw that building materials will be exchanged for badges so i scrapped everything in my building set …then i saw that youll be able to sell the items… :frowning:

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That’s what happens when you put the carriage before the horse and rush into stuff :rofl:

if this is the case can you make it so we can build in a bigger area and have more points to build in our garages? i feel that being able to sell alot of this stuff is a good thing cause i have alot i want to get rid of. but i feel that the garages building area should be expanded with a higher range point value for putting down more things as well as expanding the range of your building. so instead of a small area to build you have a greater area to expand as you see fit.
anyone else want a bigger area to build in? cause i know i do.

I would do more building if there were a bigger area to work with