Changes to previously announced balance changes


The next update for Crossout is scheduled to be released this Thursday. This update will feature various balance changes (see the announcement here), which you could test on a special server. Based on the results of the testing, your feedback and suggestions, we are making a number of changes to the previously announced tweaks.

ATTENTION! Changes to all other parts from the first announcement, which are not mentioned in this news, remain unchanged.

Howl and Jockey

In addition to the previously announced changes, we are adding an improvement to the perks of both cabins: now the damage of weapons and drones increases, as long as there are enemy cars within a radius of 40 meters from you (instead of 25 meters earlier).


In addition to the increase in leg speed:

  • Now the switching time between the leg and wheel modes is 1.2 sec. (instead of 1.75 sec. earlier).
  • Increased the maximum rotation angle of the wheels by 25%.

Small track

Tonnage increased from 935 to 1060 kg.

Reinforced track

Tonnage increased from 1850 to 2100 kg.


Tonnage increased from 1650 to 1860 kg.

Armoured track

Tonnage increased from 4000 to 4550 kg.

Tank track

Tonnage increased from 4800 to 5400 kg.


Tonnage increased from 6000 to 6700 kg.

Meat grinder

Tonnage increased from 2800 to 3100 kg.

Comment: changing the tonnage of tracks and augers will reduce the requirement for the amount of movement parts on an armoured vehicle, and, as a result, free up additional mass for other parts and increase the mobility of such vehicles.


Additional change: reload time increased from 5 to 7 sec.


In addition to changing the perk:

  • Now, if the perk is active, but the vehicle remains in invisibility mode, the drones will not be released until the vehicle is visible again.
  • Perk cooldown time reduced from 30 to 25 sec.

Comment: a change that would cause the invisibility mode to block drone launches, will eliminate the cases where a vehicle was forced to become visible due to an ally appearing nearby and automatically launching a drone.


Now, if the perk is active, but the vehicle remains in invisibility mode, the drones will not be released until the vehicle is visible again.


In addition to the free rotation of the weapon around its axis:

  • Rotation speed increased by 125%.
  • Added an upgrade for increased weapon rotation speed (+10%).

Comment: the change makes the weapon more comfortable to use and expands the list of movement parts with which it can be used effectively. In order for “Fortune” to rotate around its axis, we also changed its physical model. Changing the model should not affect the previously assembled armoured vehicles.


  • Optimal range reduced from 150 to 120 m.
  • Maximum range reduced from 250 to 200 m.

Comment: when compared to other weapons of its rarity, this revolver showed an overestimated efficiency.

See you this Thursday, survivors!


I’m thankful for the Track and Auger buffs. They really needed it. The Athena nerf is also needed.


I didn’t post on purpose about the Helicon situation until they made it official. Now they have.

Helicons are my best gun. They are better than everything except my Firebugs and Flash. You can brawl with them, I usually win easily against Hammerfalls, Breakers and Jormungandrs, you can snipe across the map and one shot people across the map with a 2000 point hit. They are also a great support weapon. You can light stuff up for your buddy on a Punisher to smack with double damage.

The reason people are doing poorly with them is that they have them on the wrong build. You must have a power fused Harpy horseshoe hover with 7 Icarus VIIs, an Omamori and a cloak. If you have those things, this is one of the best weapons in the game.

Helicons are already a top priced item on Xbox, and most players have not scratched the surface of their potential.

So why then do they get or need +50 points of durability and +25 percent perk damage? I’m going to send lots of spider teams to the shadow realm with this.

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But but but Athena doesn’t need a nerf :rofl:

i dont recall seeing helicons being mentioned unless i missed it in the last balance update post?
i dont really like helicons myself but i can see their damage output and its very massive. if you get the right build with them then holy crap that damage potential.
omamori is getting a nerf as well as a buff so… good news bad news to?
nerfing it so that it cannot regenerate charges until the charge is depleted and buffing it so it can absorb 400 damage instead of 300 previously. i think thats a bit unfair but meh, let the community decide. i dont use omamoris.

This is the change that is going into effect:

  • Durability increased from 384 to 422 pts.
  • The maximum bonus of the perk is gained in 0.75 sec. (instead of 1 sec. earlier).

The current perk is as follows: “Within 1 sec after the shot, the projectiles gradually improve their characteristics: damage increases up to 150%, impulse increases up to 200%, blast radius increases up to 130%.”

In a practical matter, 1 second is about 400 meters, and at this distance the damage, assuming you land all rockets, is usually about 1300 white, 800 yellow, or about what you would expect from a forward facing Heather.

It is extremely hard to land shots at 400 meters as the rockets start to drop significantly after 300 meters. For this reason, you often miss the first or second volley of shots, then the enemy is clued in that you are trying to hit him and he moves out of the way from future shots.

In contrast, it is very easy to land 300 meter shots as there isn’t much bullet drop. Also, due to the perk, at 300 meters you are doing significant damage already and it is enough to one shot some hovers provided that they are using a Thor and you are landing sideways frame level shots.

In Clan wars, I generally pack a gun hover, a fire dog, and a Porcupine build of some kind as my 3 loadouts. Helicons have been my main weapon for the gun hover loadout for a while. In the past I have used fused Cyclones, Stillwinds, Nothungs and Destructors. Helicons are better than all of those. They brawl better at close ranges versus shotgun and firedog builds, and they far outdamage Nothungs and far outrange Destructors.

The reason Helicons brawl so well is they hit engines and take wheels and hovers so that shotguns without a hover catch have a very difficult time aganst them. Also, you can hide the rockets while they are reloading and only expose them when they are shooting.

They are similar to a Punisher as a very good all around gun.

Perception is reality, and I’ve not played against any good Helicon players yet. To my experience, they have never crippled one of my team in a volley or two. Seeing them just makes me think, “Hell yea, that guy didnt pick his Scorps or Punishers.”

I think youre way off with 1 second being 400m as they are currently. I think its currently much closer to 300m and will be under 250m with the new changes.

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Xbox has quite a few very good dedicated rocket players at the upper levels. These days, they generally go with Cricket, Waltz or Helicon. They all play on hovers, with the Beholder/Kami/Griffon/Harpy cab. I’m sure Spider cab will see some play with the new changes as well.

Helicons are much more clutch than Waltz and Crickets as they have way more durability than both so they can brawl quite well, and they have way better spread than both, so they can land very long shots quite well.

Waltz do a similar thing for 1/10 price, that’s likely why.

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My issue with them was projectile speed. It is way too slow and easy to dodge at distance. To make matters worse, the fusion for projectile speed is also lower than many other weapons.