Changes to the hovers?

hey sooo… what did they do to the hovers? my build is saying that its not assemblable in the garage and when i look at the hovers they are phased half way into my build for some reason… when i go to pull them off of my build they will not fit back in place. this goes for all my hovers, what the hell did they do??

The depth (inset) they mount to the frames has been changed so they sit further in and you can mount them on all sides of a build now. For most of mine I had to swap the frames out to larger ones to get them to sit properly again wasn’t a big hassle.

My levi’s hovers wont work, and test drive something on the ex ,hovers dont work, pspro

If you have them mixed with any other movement parts other than legs they will not work.

why?? this has made them unfunctional on my build now. i had them perfectly on my build and with the update they are glitched into my build. they are still flyable and i dont need to move them except 2 hovers… for some reason… but its just a bad change overall. not to mention they are FAR more unbalanced now. they wobble from anything and are so slow to turn and are heavily effected by bumps and the surroundings. this is the worst update to hovers i think i ever seen. people need to stop whining about hovers and learn to fricken deal with them properly. im so tired of this “nerf this nerf that” kind of crap on hovers.

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Not sure but while I was fixing 3 different builds of mine I actually found that I kind of liked it. I can pretty much burry some hovers in builds is ways that I couldn’t before. To fix them I just added some wider framing and re-attached them like I mentioned before. They are also letting you mount the hovers to any side of the frame which was something they tested out a long time ago and was pretty cool.

The wobbling goes away the further out your hovers are mounted from the center line of the builds in both directions. I didn’t have any issue of them turning slowly. I found it pretty easy once I got use to the new bound to camera stuff to turn on a dime and circle targets. The bumpiness is really just a matter with how the player chooses to maneuver over and around things.

I sat down and tried making some really small hovers right after the 2.0 change dropped and the wobble on them is kind of actually fun once the hovers are in a stable pattern. It actually felt more like flying something rather than sitting on a air hockey puck. I’m enjoying the speed and changes.

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Me too, this is the first time that I’ve actually enjoyed building and flying hovers. The new controls took a bit of getting used to, but once it clicked it became very intuitive and fun.
I don’t love how unstable they get when you lose some hovers, but that seems fair. Any other movement part also gets wonky when you lose some.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned how much easier it is to get flipped over on hovers now, especially if you’ve lost a few. Unfortunately when a hover build ends up on its roof, the car jack doesn’t work most of the time. They’re still harder to flip than anything else (except maybe giant spiders), so I’m not complaining.

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I am liking the new hovers very much


I switched the rotate buttons back to their original positions. Really just didn’t feel like retraining my fingers. Other than that most of the controls like camera steering were easy to pick up. The look behind button I’m not very use to yet but I also don’t normal build in such a way that would lead me to using it.

I’ve only managed to flip myself a few times but I didn’t really see it as a big problem. Haven’t tried a jack with it yet.

Well the new update messed up my hover build more than I thought it would. I think I’m going to have to rebuild from scratch, but that’s ok.

Somehow my build started trying to tip over at any high speed maneuvers. I guess I need to build wider and watch my mass balance more. Or maybe experiment with the new frontal/rear mounting capabilities.

Two of mine I didn’t have to do much to, the third one that was larger is just screwy and I’m still working on it. 6’s and 8’s seems to work fairly well as far as width of frames. The last one is tricky but that’s the master cab Astreaus one and the guns are just way too high and uncovered on it for my liking. I was surprised how much it messed with my little hovers but they were easy to fix.

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Yeah - they reduced durability again and tonnage again - also, you cannot mount on both sides of a 1 wide frame as the movement parts goes through the frame, unlike all other movement parts

I should really build a hover. See what all the change is about.

I have such mixed feelings about the most recent hover changes. On one hand, being able to mount your hovers to the front and rear opens up a lot of building possibilities. On the other, I fear they are just setting up a system where players can make front facing hover builds that have all the advantages of sideways builds.
I guess this will allow them to make balance adjustments for hovers that don’t have to account for the differences between sideways and forwards builds.
I might just be annoyed because I was really enjoying how my hover was handling after the big update, but now I have to scrap that build and start over. I’m sure I’ll come up with something that works for me though, but I need to put in some time building and testing.

Oh, they also made VII more unstable again so you not strafe at 45o Angle…lol…

I still predict that they will nurf hover speed before Christmas and we will then have the old slow builds with terrible handling.

These changes have had a dramatic effect on our clan. The entire clan is no longer playing CWs due to having all of our builds rendered unusable. If this is true with other clans, this “update” could be the downfall of this game.

Personally, I’ve lost a lot of interest in it because I just don’t feel like rebuilding my previously finely tuned and very well built vehicles I’ve spent tinkering with over the past couple of years. I just don’t want to start over.

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Weird that CW is dead, because PVP is busier than it’s been for a long time.
Short queues and full matches, it’s been great.
Maybe all the serious CW people are using PVP to fine tune their new builds, before they go back to CW?

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Thanks , what a mess.