Changes to the production recipe of the relic generator “odin”


Since the introduction of the new generator, we have carefully studied your feedback, questions and suggestions about this new part, and today we are ready to present you a modified production recipe for this generator. We would like to see one of such “basic” things as a generator be more available, even despite its “relic” rarity.

After these changes to the recipe, to produce the “Odin” generator you will need:

  • 200 pts. of uranium ore (instead of 400 previously);
  • 1 “Thor-6S” generator (instead of 2 previously);
  • 1 “AC80 Stillwind” autocannon (instead of 2 previously).


  • First of all, we should note that only players who own the generator will receive compensation in the form of uranium ore and parts. They include those who had this generator on their account at the time the change was implemented (regardless of whether the player purchased the part on the market or produced it themselves).
  • For those who produced and sold the generator prior to the recipe changes, there will be no compensation, as these players have already received coins from selling it at a value that is appropriate or inflated relative to the resources spent on production.
  • Those who own an upgraded “Odin” will also receive a compensation corresponding to the excess cost of upgrading the part.

The compensation will arrive automatically within 1 day.

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I was not expecting this!

If I unfused my BP stillwind and Thor, I could actually justify getting one!


this will either inflate the cost of uranium quite a bit or lower it. since this generator is popular i can imagine the cost will go way up and make the other relics more easy / tedious to get. building relics wont be worth it anymore.

Thanks, lets have a real talk here , how did the original Recipe seem like a good deal to anyone…

Frankly I’m disappointed at your solution.

Still requires 2 non craftable parts!

Which means either people have to go buy the parts on the market which since they aren’t craftable means they go for Premium prices (PC market over 4k for Thor) and (PC market over 6k for Steelwind)…lets not talk about console markets. Or like people are thinking waiting till the option to down grade those two parts comes along.

You have 2 Legendary Generators with the Thor and Apollo…why wouldn’t that be the formula?
Atleast the formula to craft the Relic makes sense with a direct line…

Also lets not forget about we’ll never go beyond 16 energy

I would hate it if the recipe was for a Thor and an Apollo. I’m willing to give up one of them to get this, but I would want to keep the other one so that I have at least one 4 energy generator.

you could either craft the apollo or buy one from the market… I’m not a fan of undoing the upgrades


You have a point there. I’m also not fond of undoing upgrades.

Yea, I don’t ever undo any upgrades neither, nor I salvage important weapons


This is what Ive been counting on

That’s the big elephant in the room that I keep telling them they need to fix in the game. Crafting is all screwed up because of this idea of part holdbacks from BPs where they don’t add stuff to the workbenches.


I think that’s a way to make the BPs more desirable. It is a bad thing to give people more value for their BP purchase? Even if you don’t want this generator, you can now make a lot
of profit selling those parts.
If BPs were expensive, I would say it is a bad thing. But they are cheap, so maybe it’s a good thing?

crafting has been screwed up in the game for a long time. remember when the bastion was an event only item? hell the price of bastions shot up to like 5k, then it came out as blueprints and it sank down to 1000 give or take. some items / weapons require a resource that isnt in the game anymore and they refuse to put out blueprints for certain factions. perfect example of this is hyperborea, whats the point of a faction that you cant do anything with and whos only accessible through events?
piercer, fidgets and imps require shell casings which you cant get anymore due to them taking them out. this whole thing is screwed up. im hoping that they fix it but man something needs to be done.


Nice change I will hopefully be crafting one later on this week, where would I put a request / idea for having the engraved shells? Would be nice to have a way to get them again from the adventure mode at least or even have them under a new raid type / mission.

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they removed them from adventure because it wasnt to popular of a mode. they removed coupons from raids because… idk, i guess they werent worth much and werent used to craft much. i doubt theyll return them to any mode but one can hope. they said theyll be announcing what theyll be doing to them later on but we havent herd what theyll be doing yet. hopefully theyll still keep them in but rework them in some way.