Charge mechanic weapons

What’s your opinion on these guns? (Varung, Argument, Assembler, Parser, Summator for example)

I feel like all these weapons suffer way too much from the general wonkyness that comes from normal server problem, or some kind of input lag that’s very specific to these types of guns where basically sometimes you need to let go of the mouse button for a little longer than usual for the gun to register an attempt to fire (as opposed to the normal firing the moment you stop holding the button) and treating it like nothing was pressed at all and still treating like you never let go of the button, costing things like loosing the Varuns perk or accidentally overheating your Assemblers because the game did not properly register you letting go as you are trying to shoot off repeated charged shots.

And the same problem but in reverse, when you are trying to shoot repeated uncharged shots the game suddenly stops registering this as repeated firing, but treats it as holding the button and starts charging the weapon when you are in fact just trying to fire the uncharged shots repeatedly.

Even when trying to shoot repeated shots of either type at a slower pace, the problem still happens from time to time


I used to play Assemblers quite a bit.

The big problem is that the gun is so much better with a Macro that times a shot to give a max charged shot each time. Some players on Xbox have aftermarket software and controllers that can macro a perfect Assembler shot and there is a huge difference in DPS when you run into a computer assisted Assembler player versus a natural one. The same problem persists with Aspects and Punishers, as these guns are much more effective if you have an efficient tap firing pattern. With one fused cooler, an Aspect loadout can be shot forever with high damage and pinpoint accuracy, if you have the right patten. If you are doing it by hand, the gun is easy to under heat or overheat for a huge loss of dps. The computer assisted player can program an optimal tap firing pattern into a button, hold that button down, and then concentrate on driving while the natural tap firing player wears his thumbs out trying to make the gun work.

Based on this, I avoid Varuns, Aspects and Assemblers, as these guns make natural players second class citizens of the wasteland. If you want good guns that don’t rely on macros, get a Kaiju, Cyclones, Arbiters or Reapers.

Argument, Parser, Summator are fine. I don’t really see them being wonky at all. Argument is really quite fun to play with though I really wish they would add them to a daily challenge.

Assembler I don’t think suffers much from it’s charge mechanics either though I’m not fond of the overheat effect. I’ve been fairly disappointed with it’s accuracy in it’s non charged state. It would be nice if there was a discernable pattern of timing in the short clicks to yield some accuracy out of that state.

I’ve never had a point where the lag was so bad that I wasn’t already disrupted via driving and video pauses to notice the shots not registering correctly.

I haven’t had any interest in the Varung due to energy costs to really bother with them.

I don’t lag so charge weapons work fine for me.