Charge to fire weapons

Anyone else feel like charging to fire is a way too big of a downside on some guns? Mostly Kaiju, snowfall, waltz and Astraeus, on things like assembler, parser, nailguns, Varun and so on it can’t be buffed as shows by the devs fumbling around with the assembler recently. But not all charge to fire weapons are equal, as shown by how little you even see these guns in general

But those guns in specific (Kaiju, snowfall, waltz and astraeus) the charging mechanic just really hinders most usability these guns could have, especially in the highly mobile, quite crap and just simply not generally fun to play, use the meta 90% of the playerbase uses or suffer from artificial suck that is just there to make people sink real life money into the game-current state of the game. Just like they made the fortune able to compete in the current crossout and the much more on the move general state of gameplay by giving it full rotation, they should cut back on the time needed to hold your firing button down until your guns finally decide to fire on those specific weapons mentioned above. So they too might have a better chance to be somewhat more viable

Honestly that alone could buff these weapons to some degree, many of these need actual in depth buffing and reconsideration, possible tweaking, but the devs just simply can get that done so it would be a good start.

Probably any weapon that just about requires an enemy to stand still (think waltz) is out of place in this game, especially in pvp modes. That goes for yongwang too, and that other weapon whose name I forget (the one you have to shoot at the ground under the enemy to do any serious damage). Delayed charging just exacerbates the situation. I got my waltzes from a bp if I remember correctly, and thought it was a great thing. After 2 weeks of nothing better than maybe a 10% hit rate, I sold them for more practical stuff and never looked back.

It’s obvious that they use the charging mechanic as a balancing option for some weapons that might be too strong otherwise. And yes, it makes those weapons less attractive than if they fired immediately, but if they removed that mechanic and nerfed some other aspect instead, that might kill the appeal for those that put in the work to learn how to use them in their current state.
Now if those guns were actually never seen on PVP, it would be a different story, but yesterday I saw lots of Kaiju and Waltz players performing well. Those guns still pack enough of a punch that players are willing to work with the charging mechanic.
And while it’s true that Snowfalls are unpopular, I know me and a few other forum members are fans of them and are able to use them in PVP despite the firing delay.

As for weapons like Parser, Arguments, Varuns, and other fast firing charge weapons, they’re kind of a different beast. I don’t see Parsers often anymore, but whenever I play them I get lots of MVPs. My aiming isn’t good enough to do well with Varuns, but I still see the occasional player doing well with them. I haven’t tried the nailguns forever, but I used to enjoy playing them when they were new.

Charging can be annoying, but I wouldn’t want to give up damage or range to compensate for adding quick firing. And despite the annoyance of charging, many of those guns are still useful and can perform well if you put in the work to learn them.

The main problem I have with many charge weapons is the lack of automation. The waltz at least will fire as long as you continue to hold the trigger.
I understand that by design some weapons like nail gun or kaiju can’t be automated but I find fast firing non automatic weapons a pain to play.
At least with Kaiju and slow weapons like cannons you spend time to aim and having to click each time you want to fire is acceptable, but if you take let’s say the nail guns, varrun or assembler and their high fire rate, you spend a lot of time clicking just to maintain your fire rate which is far from comfortable after a few games.
So personally I hate the design of those kind of weapons and I may not be the only one, regardless of balance.


These make sense. Railguns/gauss rifles require some charging time. I think the Scorpion should be added to this list (would hurt the META too, so let’s do it, 110%)

Yeah, I think that is a fair complaint.
Plasma emitters used to require you to retrigger every burst, and it was tiring on the trigger finger. I think Adaptors were originally too.
But the devs changed those to full auto, and it was a good thing.
I definitely think the fast firing charge weapons could have full auto.

Charge firing is a way to make a weapon that isn’t buffed by Flywheel, Hadron, Deadman and Echo. If Waltz, Snowfall and Kaiju could be buffed by reloading weapons they would be way too powerful.

Also, those 3 weapons are good as is. Many people can make good shots with the charge mechanic.

Astraeus and argument seem weak to me but I don’t use either one.

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Wait, do the reload boosters not do anything with them?
Or just that the charge time isn’t reduced by them?

Reload only affects reload time and not the charge time. The charge time is usually as long as the reload time. Usually, Kaiju is better with extra modules, such as Kapkans or Barriers, instead of reload boosts, while Waltz and Snowfall benefit from some reloading boost.


Thread is talking about like 3 different firing mechanism under the same umbrella term. it’s hard to give a short “yes/no” answer to it.

Regarding “hold to fire/delayed” weapons (Snowfall, Waltz, Masts), it is perfectly fine. I know some people absolutely despise the mechanism, but here’s the thing: If you’re reacting to stuff, it is already too late. You need to be the one playing aggressively. I’ve seen lots of people be very good with Snowfalls and Waltz, and while the guns kinda suck RN because of the silly resistance everything has to blast damage, it is not because of the firing mechanism. This makes them interesting and different from the billion copy-paste weapons we already have.
If you want to “fix” their firing mechanism, you can make’em fire 1-2-3 shots depending on charge level, kinda like Masts. Can’t say I approve of this, and I’m a huge Snowfalls enthusiast.

Regarding charging weapons like Kaiju and Assembler, devs have fumbled this one SOOOO bad it still makes me angry. What exactly is a point of a charging weapon if firing it is an absolute waste at any charge level but 100%? There are tons of ways to fix that too, but that’s… We had some heh-okay-i-guess balance patches recently, but I am not THAT optimistic yet.
IMO Assembler should have -15% reloading time or something so that spamming the crap out of it becomes, not the best option (macro incomings), but an option. Kaiju should keep half its range, damage and accuracy at 0% charge. Firing 3 or 4 shots with no hope of activating the perk is sucky enough, it doesn’t need to have 15m range, 8 damage/shot and a 45° cone too lmao.

I don’t have much to say regarding Astraeus and its weird gimmick. The gun was really popular when it was good, now it’s really unpopular because it’s been demolished to sell Thyrsus.

What we can take from that, is that if a gimmicky firing mechanism with drawbacks is properly compensated in other areas, a weapon will still be good. And gimmicky firing mechanisms make weapons different from each others instead of being a bunch of cannon reskins, so I like them.