Chase. are you joking?

i went into chase with a unwinnable scenario here. one of the trucks was packing 5+ retchers AND trombone rockets… ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?
i died in literally 5 seconds and my weapons didnt last me 2 seconds with that!
anywhere you approach it itll kill you! not to mention, yeah lets give a fricken AI with pin point accuracy RETCHERS of all weapons!
i couldnt even get near it either, it killed me so fast i didnt even have time to shoot off 1 weapon!

yeah im a bit upset here mainly cause bot + retchers in any number = are you kidding me!?
idk if anyone else had an easier time but i was in my super tanky build 2564 durability, 2 train plows on the front with bumpers and a cohort cab with retchers. but even with all that it took that car about 2 seconds to rip off my weapons and destroy me even with my ability activated for decreased damage.

imo this is just a giant middle finger.