Chase ideas

I hope this is where I was meant to put these.
I like some of the ideas that were added to the chase gamemode for its comeback, but I think they weren’t implemented as well as they could.
here are some proposed changes:

  1. use a more linear map like other truck based raids.
    The map being a big blob with spawns and ends everywhere just feels a bit confusing at times.
    It also doesn’t help that all the spawns are randomised, you don’t really notice when the trucks change something.

  2. add more significance to the trucks changing routes.
    I was quite looking forward to seeing this feature, but it goes pretty unnoticed in game.
    Going with the last point, a map that is linear and with different splitting routes would definitely be an improvement.
    each path should be different from its counterpart. perhaps something like that area near the end of operation redlight, where the path split, one path was longer and made enemies more of a threat, whereas the other was focused more on environmental hazards.
    So there would be points on the path where the trucks could either go into say a minefield or a longer path with many more enemy spawns and maybe even with leader spawns. Maybe some kind of narrow bridge area where players that follow are shot at by high impulse weapons which could knock them off.
    there could also be things players could interact with on certain routes to help. maybe such as hitting supports of a bridge coming up to try and bring it down to slow down a truck as it has to divert or blocking an enemy spawn.

  3. make enemies more significant.
    This should be a little more obvious but most enemies can either be ignored or killed very fast, to the point where they aren’t really serving a purpose. They only spawn in groups of 4 as far as I’m aware.
    Making enemies spawn more frequently (or going with the routes the trucks take as previously suggested).

  4. make the trucks smarter with decision making.
    This is something that would be interesting but I wouldn’t say required.
    The trucks decision making seems somewhat random. It would be interesting if they made decisions based on what the players were doing. maybe if they deemed reinforcements needed, then they would take a route with more enemy spawns. if reinforcements were proving not very useful, they may take an environmentally dangerous route.

  5. “truck boring”
    I’m not sure how to refer to this one but players tend to just hang around the rear of a truck and dig into its back where there’s a blind spot for most weapons and defences. This strategy, while effective, gets quite boring. higher health on the durability of structural parts to the point they seem indestructible (or higher damage resistance which may be preferred as it wouldn’t affect the total durability). This could be done with a special cabin ability which prioritises targeting the cabin.
    Of course doing this and forcing players away from the back comes at the cost of making players far too vulnerable in some cases. so the total truck firepower may have to be decreased. maybe something more like the ones used in the login screen with only a few weapons as opposed to them just being covered with high tier weapons.
    I also noticed that the constant boring seemed to affect the other points I made. Players will just go to the back and begin boring into the truck (sometimes fighting over who does it by pushing each other away which is another problem) and that will be their entire focus. they can just ignore the weak enemies and will be so focused on the truck they don’t notice the environment around them or when it changes.

  6. rewards
    This is a short one but the rewards are just incredibly low, though I can understand it for it’s current state of being quick and costless. I would hope to be getting more than 6 plastic if I played this at a full raid scale.

I hope to see some improvements if the chase mode is re-added.

Unless you want to chat about it you have to put it here: Suggestion for Crossout future development

ah, thx. i was only told to put it on the forums and this was as far as i got

Welcome, we love chatting about them here but you kind of have to use the form if you want them to actually look at them.