Chase to easy - Rewards to high

They are never going to give us chase again :slight_smile: lol

You can do it in like 1min…

i come across some awful team mates running very bad builds most of the time. most i won was 17 from that. eh im soloing that chase raid with randoms. its just… bad :confused:

just like old chase lol

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Exactly :slight_smile:

It was a lot harder on the test server.

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I’m guessing that they needed to make it adjust for PS more

More then likely, it was pretty much obliterating people left and right if you got marginally close to the Levis. I was spending repair tokens on the test server upwards of 2-3 to partially finish with 8k to 11k builds. I think they just turned around and set it really low (easy) as they didn’t adjust the difficulty any between the test days and there was a number of complaints over the difficulty.

IMO the smart move they made but didn’t push enough, was dodgeable attacks. The Nest AoE volley, slow Pulsar shots, King mines, the laser sights on ACs and cannons, that stuff is funny. What isn’t funny is getting demolished by an autoaim Reaper or Retcher. I think the devs should have taken even more cues from shmups/hack n slashes.

1- less hitscans, more slow projectiles
2- less autoaim, more patterned and telegraphed attacks
3- bigger focus on tankiness, with active defense modules giving players windows of opportunity (Argus, Aegis)
4- +5 kmh. I can play that raid with my Bigram Kaiju Humpback lol.
5- 4-5 more models of trucks at least.

Basically, make the raids last around 2m at best instead of 1, and treat the trucks as shmup bosses. Make the raid lean more towards the endurance course, where you need to semi-consistently dodge patterned attacks (Huge telegraphed swipes with Kaijus, extra slow avalanche shots you better dodge or take 1k explosive damage to the face, Destructors that lightly warm you up for 4 seconds before spitting a massive beam, patterned minefields or slow-moving rocket barrages, Phoenix bolts that take a couple more seconds to detonate with a massive bang, shots heating you up massively making getting double-tapped a bad idea), while unleashing all you have on the trucks during windows of opportunity (truck overheated his explosives modules, his 4+ buffed Aegis and 4+ Argus went offline, that kind of stuff)

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