Chat ban

I need someone to explain to me why FOOKnGOO is an illegal nickname. I made it because I’m a fan of HurryKnG, a rapper and music producer in Vietnam, and F means FAN. I respected and expressed gratitude to the team that made this game. And is this your way of showing me the results if I do that? By banning the chat without warning, banning for 2 days, so what should I do after unbanning? If I continue chatting in the game, you guys will ban me again, right? Shouldn’t you guys ask me to change my name for free as a way to act professionally? I exchange with money, it’s not free. If you think my nickname is ilegal, shouldn’t you ask me to change it to something else first? You guys are a family company, so you can’t code : If I put any words you don’t like, you won’t be able to change them. Why did I spend 250 gold? I changed it successfully and after playing for a few days, the admins saw it. Ban For 2 days without a warning or at least DM me to let me know I used the admin’s ex-girlfriend’s name so I could apologize. If I don’t change my name, will my account end up being banned forever? Then handle my refund and delete my account, just because I used someone’s ex-girlfriend’s name as a nickname. Dont tell me to comedown atleast in the reply, stand in my shoes first.

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The developers and moderators don’t read this forum. If you want to be heard, go to Reddit. I agree with you though.

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This excessive banning, or other behaviors by the moderators (with no basis in the rules, or due to misinterpretation thereof, or worse) is one of the many minor things that all add up to driving people away from the game.


They ban the chat then how i can chat to ask them, this company should do something about this problem, they must warn me or something like that. Thanks for information…

is a russian IT company. i bet they have all kinds of problems. i for one would consider myself lucky for remaining unconscripted.

Now i see the picture. How i dìd not think about that before.