Chat Bans

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This is a problem indeed.


No, they won’t. A good player never cares to REEEEEEEEE after a lost match because it’s just a game. It’s not a World Cup or Olympics.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It sounds like “we’re in top league and we should have privileges”. No. No, you shouldn’t have any privileges to just cencor anyone’s opinion just because you didn’t like it. You just blamed GM for abusing the same privilege but in case you’d get it it’s OK for some reason?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. No one sensible cares about that imaginary status. Only immature kids do.

…was that a terroristic threat just now?

Oh, I got it. That all rant was just a trolling :crazy_face: Yeah you got me there for a moment.

its not about privilages, its knowing your place. shidder players should admire players who are above them instead of trying to bring them down to their level and educate them what they think is right, because thats where the beatings come in. In doing so, we are also trying to educate them back, trying to change their delusional mindset, because we really know what is right. Ever hear of the Dunning-Kruger effect?

Nah I’m not gonna feed the troll further.

Regarding unjust bans from GM (I ain’t sure it was unjust in this case but nonetheless) I’d say ban appeals can be done via Support service.

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Aaaaaaannnnd… ignored.

The dramatic statement there also disliked drama class!

so true; im over-exaggerating just how the gms over-exaggerate the chat bans, incase no one could figure that out

Hmmmm…. We may have much different priorities in life.

Wow, just wow.

Yeah, how about picking a different example to over-exaggerate okay bub?

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Hello everyone, if a sanction seems unjustified, every player can appeal through this link : Game rule violations & Appeals against a penalty - Rules - Crossout