Chat,market,battle error

Hello. I can’t use chat / market also can’t join battles. It says " Joining battle is prohibited " . And if i place my cursor on my coins it says " not allowed for promo-accounts " i need help i just want to play with my buddies in bedlam :frowning: by the way i’m on ps4 my gamertag is Wolfson43

What do you have built in your garage at the moment you click join battle?

If the power score is too low it will not let you join battle.

Yea i know that. Been playing for a few months now. I usually go in bedlam, nothing works.

Well if your on a promo-account the market will not function and that would explain the coin issue too. I think that is unusual in itself and that still wouldn’t cover the joining battle issue. I would just contact support with it as it sounds like the issue is on their side rather than yours.

It’s my first time trying to contact support. I just have no idea how to :confused:

You should be able to follow this for it:

Thank you very much good sir :slight_smile:

why tf do u have a promo account


@ kokuen. I have no idea i was playing bedlam, logged out for 2 days and when i came back i had a promo-account lol. I hope they fix this

do you have all the parts in the game?