Cheapest Porc ever sold in crossout

Wish relics was still as cheap like it was during the great relic price crash of 2020

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Damnnnn, that’s crazy.

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Just a few more updates and there will be new crash (just look at firebugs now).

Perfect game / update ive never seen so much useless builds to play with in crossout because of 1 major update.

So yeah prices are gone plummit and rise or depending on demand / cw meta.

Maybe i should also retire from play clanwars.
Its currently a total mess anyways.


Porcs are a very inconsistent weapon. Because Hovers got buffed, and dogs got nerfed. It’s no surprise that there are a lot more hovers and that Porcs aren’t as useful.

There is an Xbox yard sale going on right now for Firebug, Flash and Typhoon. Get yourself a set.

i got a order in for the ripper. Gonna get the worst relic there is just to challenge myself.

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I’ve seen some major work put in with Ripper. 2 Rippers, Hadron, Flywheel, King, Engine, Cloak on hovers. Wheel builds chasing the Ripper hover go flying now and routinely flip. The Ripper reloads extremely quickly and can spam a lot of shots. Also, Rippers are highly coveted in Levi wars because each sawblade confuses the enemy levi AI. I’m not sure Ripper is the worst relic weapon anymore.

I’m just gonna make a build to go with my porcs thats all just to troll in pvp once in a while. Spent last 6 months market flipping from day light to dark to make my money because i’m too bad at clan wars. Now this game got my brain turned to absolute mush and i need a big long long vacation and thought i’d go out with a bang by getting 1 last relic don’t care what it is lol.

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I got my first phoon for 9k and the second for 10k.

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That’s super duper cheap when did you buy that?

could have been a player that is going to quit playing.

player who sold it to me is still active, I paid 18k and 20k respectfully for the other two. They were all bought in early 2020. I’m curious If fluffy badger bought his/her typhoons during the same time period.

It was right after they lost the ability to keep enemies stun locked with their perk.

yea but what time period was that, was it in 2021 cause I didn’t play the game in 2021 so I have no idea what happened in crossout during that year. I noticed when I came back to playing crossout that reload on porcs seemed a bit lower and parts didn’t heat as fast.