Cheating allowed

Yeah it’s way out of my intellectual understanding, clearly…

Looks like it ,at least you realise it :rofl: :+1:


Except one of us correct with a valid point and the other has to make up an excuse to discredit them for no real reason.

I’m not going to insert my opinion on this one, but I’m sure you can see how either of you would probably say the same thing, or something similar, right?

Not a moderator, just thought the .gif would take the edge off…in fact I think they ninja nerfed my forum status. I’m not “respected” anymore…

…Like IGAF, but I noticed I’m a “regular” now. IDK what happened. I can only guess, and maybe it was worth it. IDK.

Besides, at my age it’s good to be “regular.”

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Flag me, Daddy :3


I thought the OP was on PC?

Perfect aim at a cloaked target from hundreds of meters would be wallhack? Videos + analysis.

Then let’s put it that way: There are no hacks on playstation.

I have no reason to doubt what Kuba says about OP.

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People can run Xims and scripts through that but I doubt any real hacks/cheats

Chad PFP andno bish in common… SCRUB BE GONE!!!

I don’t blame you not wanting to get in the middle of a schoolyard fight :rofl:

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@Poony4u , easily, my friend.
This is a today record:

Please pay attention to its aiming point to where the hits are. Bullets are also firing not at the aim.
And some more things:

  • I’d say that most of the cheaters are on PC - their look changes to instantly for a controller.
  • Don’t bother yourself writing some nonsense about “its just a bad view” on so on. I’ll bring more videos where you’ll see how that works perfectly.
  • Same for the “weapons fix and looking forward”. That is totally not the case.

When spectating someone the reticle is actually pretty off where they’re actually aiming… almost like it’s very floaty

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@xo_guy123 , bull-shit. Have you ever being spectating? When a player is not cheating everything fires where the aiming is.
Another one, start from second 40

Then what is this? lol


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I have, and I’ve noticed how the reticle is often illustrating really bad aim, or seems like it, and I find it frustrating to watch. I just figured some kids are just dim, like how they still haven’t figured out how the elevator works with helicopters, or think Crosscrowns are neat. I’d rather just leave than spectate, most of the time, and that’s what I tend to do. I’m not a patient farmer, and don’t care that much for the resources.

However, I’ve not noticed anything like what I’m seeing in your video. His reticle stays in the dead center of the screen, or just disappears (doesn’t float anywhere). It’s hard to see the crosshairs in that video though.

Most of the matches I have watched behave like M420 described it, the crosshairs sort of float over the target, or wherever the player is aiming. That one looked odd to me.

IDK what’s actually going on there for sure, and have no way of verifying any of it, or even doing anything about it. I do know some kids have very magical aim, like the bots do, and I also know some guy posted a very simple controller cheat for PC here on this forum, not long ago. IDK if it actually works, but it sounded reasonable.

Another example - lasers.

On the second 27 you can see as lasers target at the enemy instead of the aim while the aim is moving to the enemy, so it is going ahead, that can’t be a result of latency or weapon slowness and other stuff. Once again, when there is no enemy they fire strait to the aim. Connection is good, aim movement is smoof.

And what are those weapons aiming at? )))

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That guy looks like he’s cheating hard af ngl :eyes: Not even surprised by the build either

The only thing that looked suspect was the inbiv nearly cab-only damage shot, the rest looks normal… the crosshair stuff is just because the spectator aim is super floaty

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