Cheating allowed

why is nothing done about cheating here? rapid fire with all mgs, aiming assist, dropshot cheat, shots are only aimed at weapons! Clans like 5qrt, ru5h,E404,synd,flap,bde are the best examples of cheating working and nothing is done about it here!


This is available to all players in all versions of the game.

I will strip your weapons first thing if they are not armored up. Doesn’t take any cheat.

As for the rest, idk anything about.

Youre on Playstation OP, so am I. Those guys dont cheat, theyre just some of the cream of the crop. If theyre better than you, they beat you. Its that simple. Youd call me a cheater if you ever play me as well.


I have been in clans with guys that would always claim the other team was using an aim bot every time we lost.

I was always like “Dude, you just got your @$$ whooped. Say GG and lets move on.”

Even if they did use an aim bot, that can not teach you positioning, firing angles, and so on.

The game is and will remain an abomination, and a few individuals here will defend it at all costs. I suggest you go to another game. Any other game than GJ is a better choice.


Its not cheating, targem games has made hitscan machine guns perform better than any weapon in the game on purpose, to attract new players from all the other shooter games and to make them buy the upgraded versions in higher powerscores when they keep building bigger cars, its a trap designed to make money from lazy people who want the best weapon in the game and pay for those orange or red machine guns.

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@svenso , totally agreed.
Playing on PC. Searched the game options but didn’t find any autoaiming as a game feature. During most of the fights when my “armoured car” is destroyed early I iterate over team mates and spectate their play. Currently during most of the games I see at least one player whose weapons with instant rotation (like machineguns, some shotguns like Hammerfall, lasers) are not aiming where the player aims (and it is not parallax))), they automatically instantly aim directly to enemy weapons or cabin.

So developers, please, if you read this - react somehow. That is really a shame. If the cheating agent doesn’t fake the data sent to the server that shows the player’s aiming and its weapons aiming then detecting cheaters should be quite simple.
And announce about banning such players officially and loud because some of them are fearless and accused of cheating replied like “Yes, I’m cheating, because I can, I can break the system, and will you suffer”. So they are totally not afraid.
The cheater ignorance is especially funny now with that helicopter patch where cheats make even more sense and might actually ruin the patch idea and your work.

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Two things:

  • PC does have an aim assist option, but I think it only works if you plug in a controller
  • I don’t think you are seeing aim assist. I also see that sometimes, and from what I can tell, it’s usually a result of builds where the rotation of the guns have been deliberately obstructed with armour, so that they shoot forward no matter where you aim. Players that build that way seem to have a sense of where the guns are really pointing, but I don’t build that way, so I’m not really sure how it works.

Get some video next time you see it, and we’ll be better able to say what is actually happening. I know there are aim-bots on PC, but I always assumed they would pull the reticle to the target like aim assist does.

(I’m on PS4 for reference)

BIG_GRILL or something like that? (sorry if I’m mixing it up with another user lol). I remember the video clearly.

Obvious cases of cheating are all the tap-fire macro Punisher players, and literally all the Varun players I met except me when it was viable :skull:. Beside that, I’ve seen actual aimbot+autofire exactly once, twice if I count that full scorp team who was getting 100% decloak at range in the most obnoxious, hilariously cheated way. The last ones were in CW and we ain’t high, so I wouldn’t be surprised if cheating in CW was a common occurence tho. I def see more macro MGers than legit MGers there.

I opened steam today (because half-life is free atm, 25th anniversary) where i noticed i have ~1450 hours on my crossout pc account, and during those 1450 hours i seen exactly one (very obvious) aimbotter.

Then again i don’t play cw.

Theres no cheating on playstation, OP is a guy whos texting hate pv messages with all kind of bs ,racist and homophobic insults, dont treat him serious. He texted me many times Im a cheater and many other bs , hes just bad player and is blaming others for his failure

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Did I said something about mnk? What are you talking about?

Tbh Idc if people uses other controllers I have no problem with that, following your reasoning ppl who uses controllers on PC are cheaters too?

Dude watch your tongue, you dont even understand what OP is talking about next time read all with understanding. Smartass :rofl:

Looks like it ,at least you realise it :rofl: :+1:


I’m not going to insert my opinion on this one, but I’m sure you can see how either of you would probably say the same thing, or something similar, right?

Not a moderator, just thought the .gif would take the edge off…in fact I think they ninja nerfed my forum status. I’m not “respected” anymore…

…Like IGAF, but I noticed I’m a “regular” now. IDK what happened. I can only guess, and maybe it was worth it. IDK.

Besides, at my age it’s good to be “regular.”

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I thought the OP was on PC?

Perfect aim at a cloaked target from hundreds of meters would be wallhack? Videos + analysis.

Then let’s put it that way: There are no hacks on playstation.

I have no reason to doubt what Kuba says about OP.

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