Cheetah perk not working

anyone else notice this? the perk works for certain drones but not others. the ones i have that it doesnt work for are Yaoguai and the SD-15 Vulture. arent they drones? its classified as drones in their bios and under their names it says “drone”. the cheetah is supposed to work on all drones and modules. is there exceptions to this?

Yeah. Flying drones seem to be the exception. Why? Idk. I guess Devs figured it would be too strong. I sure would like my anihilators to get the cheetah buff though.

On my special flying drones it works just fine

Don’t Vultures say in their description that recharge modules don’t work on it? I don’t recall Yaoguai saying that, but it would make sense that it’s similar.

I find both to be pretty strong for drones, so it doesn’t bother me. Those are pretty much the only drones I play.

So probably just the three strongest drones don’t get the perk. I know anihilator doesnt. I don’t really use any other drones. But I Beleive the op saying vultures and yaiogui don’t get the perk either, those drones are fairly strong as well.

wrong actually. annihilators DO in fact get the perk and benefit from the cheetah engine. i know this because i tested it before making this post. it does in fact work. its just the vulture and the yaoguai that it doesnt seem to work on.

the funny thing is they (yaoguai and vultures) CAN benefit from the 20% reload booster
even funnier is the yaoguai and the vultures also benifit from the reload booster but dont get the cheetah boost. i do find it odd though cause i dont think this was ever meant to be. the yaoguai has incredibly horrid reload speed though so i guess the 20% boost helps somewhat?

Wait, are you sure this is true( would seem to go against the description of at least Vulture) ?

I’m going to test this later, although I don’t agree that the reload is currently too slow on either. But if I can get a 20% reload buff (potentially more if I use Deadman or Hadron), I could be even more annoying than I currently am with those drones.

i am 100% sure. im testing this as we speak in the garage. i have the vulture and yaoguai on and i have a reload booster 20% on there to. when i go to shoot them they both activate the reload booster. i can see the reload booster activating and doing its animation. with the boost to the vulture the reload is quite fast. i was surprised myself honestly.

All i know is.
Blue and special flying drones and turrets works with cheetah, my drone build it’s just for those times i need something different to play, nothing too serious.
Those oriental drones and jubokko seems they have a pretty fast cooldown, but it’s just speculation from my part.
I don’t really know

What about Jubukko?


And ya looks like anihilator does work with cheetah now.

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reload booster doesnt seem to work for jubukko. dunno why.

What? It used to didn’t it?