Choosing a relic

ok so i have 2 porcs and 2 typhoons so far in my relic collection and i was wondering what else i could add to my arsenal. i was thinking maybe a mastodon, scorpion or a punisher but idk.
heres the thing, i always wanted 3 of these weapons but idk what one to choose from.

scorpion: one of my favorite weapons and a pretty good penetration weapon, its decent in raids and good in clan battles assuming you can keep your distance. only downside is high power usage, ammo cost and reload.

mastodon: high damage, brutal hits and can heat parts. the mastodon is also a favorite of mine because i really love the mammoths to, having one of these would up the damage from a mammoth should i combine them together, it also works well with any other weapons i have to. the downsides are reload speed, ammo cost, size and weight.

punisher: the punisher has been one of my favorite machine guns due to how it looks and well… it deals good damage. i always wanted one of these but people said its not good unless its paired with at least 2 - 3. the thing is though i use my relics and whatnot for raids mainly and i seen punishers do really good in raids and can strip weapons really well. the only downsides are the energy cost, tap fire and you need more then one but can be combined with other weapons.

if anything which would you guys say for me to get? im having a hard time choosing between them :confounded:

Why have a hard time when you can get all of them 1 2 and 3? Obviously the first you listed is most intriguing then 2nd so go with scorps man get in there deep like. Full belly button lint and all.

Scorpions are good but big learning curve to use well and not good in raids. Masterdon and Mammoth are not the best together as the reload times are so different and having to charge the Masterdon makes it hard. Punishers are ok damage and good for stripping but the cheapest build would be 2 Punishers and Aurora.
If you could only get 1 more relic, i say Flash. Pairs well with procs and put it with harvester and great anti-hover build. You can also pair with 2 sparks and this is fantastic anti porc build.


Looks like you don’t like hovers hahahahaha

hmm… the mastodon and mammoth have different reload speeds? (i dont know since i only have mammoths)
the thing is with punishers, i get that they need extra to make them work well, i do have other machine guns like arbiters i could possibly pair with them but then theres the issue of the longer punishers are held down they more they spread so theres that problem.
scorpions are a snipers weapon and i do like sniping. the only issue like i said is reload, ammo and power. not to mention you gotta make the shots count.
flash… im not to fond of the spark line of weapons. yeah they have alot of coverage and whatnot but it wouldnt matter to me, i dont do pvp and im not in a clan for clan battles, so flash would be practically useless. i dont run melee builds at all and only do it when events require it. i dont have harvesters but i do got maulers and lacerators but they arent reliable enough to warrant a flash.

I love them… i play porc, arbiters, scorps and canons all on hovers. The Flash is one of the most versatile weapons in the game and should be part of a high end arsenal.

Hey Zarrurer. I was basically thinking that because of his weapons, he was playing clanwars, which is why things re so different.

nah i dont do clan wars anymore. i can never find a good clan so i just stopped doin clan battles and just play solo. i mostly just do raids, make new weapons and sell any i wont use on the market.
any clan i join falls apart or just wont do clan battles or i dont mesh well with.

for hovers i dont use them much except on my incinerator build. even then they are not reliable at all. they need to fix them so they are not so terrible. i use my typhoons on legs but not the bigrams.

im just lookin for relics to use in raids cause i want to just do raids, they are the most profitable after all… well kind of. the fuel has gone up quite a bit in price but i run a really good raid build. (except the lunatic boss can kill me in less then 2 seconds due to all those shotguns and ridiculous damage output if he gets to close… literally he will take off both train plows and kill me in less then 2 seconds.)

i just want a weapon i can use anywhere for raids or events. so its why i asked lol.

Get a mastadon and do dual porc mastadon build.

If I were to ever make or get any relics, which I can’t, I’d get Rippers. They might not be the most meta thing around, but I like them, the little I get to play around with them in events or test drive mode

Whic relic you want to pick depends on how you answer this question:

How well can you aim, from 1 to 5 ?

If you answered 5, go Scorps
If you answered 4, go Typhoon
If you answered 3, go Masts
If you answered 2, go Punishers or Breakers
If you answered 1, go Porcs or Flash

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buy a 3rd porc lmao

Maybe he’s more interested in having a different relic than having a full pork build.

what a waste

this. full on porc builds are to common and they lack the range that most weapons can have. i have 2 porcs and thats really all i need for raids. while 3 porcs would be nice its not necessary and i dont want to constantly be a point hog. my 2 arbiters and 2 porcs serve me just fine, better then 3 or 4 porcs would.

its like i stated, porc builds are pretty common and i dont want to be “that guy” in a raid flooding the field with porcs and hogging all the kills. i run my porcs on wheels and not sideways hovers. i have 2 porcs and 2 arbiters and those are just fine for raids. 3/4 of the time i score higher then someone using 3 or 4 porcs. i want to vary it up a bit.

2 arbs 2 porcs man wish i could build that good fr

its really good for raids. 2 arbiters for focused damage and porcs for bonus. its a good combo. many people said it isnt but the numbers in the raids speak for themselves.
alot of the time i do better then people running 3 or 4 porcs and even retchers. i got 3 arbiters total but only use 2 most of the time.

anything can work for raids tbh lmao im talking about pvp

I would get a Flash. It is hands down the strongest weapon in Crossout. It should help you with your raids quit a bit as well.

oh i dont do pvp, if i do its only through events. i mostly just do raids and patrol vs ai.