Chopper questions

I just did the destroy 125 parts mission with rotors.
Since the propeller event i don’t touch propellers but it’s my understanding that this has an improved handling in comparison with the propeller event…i can see the fun and all ( like flying close to the ground).

But… why the damn thing doesn’t turn in it’s own axis ( like tracks do when they are not moving) and takes a long turning circle?

Why do i have to deactivate the rotors to defend cap or to take it? it would be much cooler if i could hover it at low altitude ( a couple of meters in the air).

And how do i stop it in the air and make it hover in one place?

If the helicopter is level and not rotating any camera movement you should be able to hover in one place with proper throttle control. I also think it would be better to be able to cap the base while hovering around it, I assume they made it with the rotors shutoff because they couldnt figure out how to set a zone roof for the cap, you could fly really really high in that tiny circle and cap the base and enemies in the zone wouldnt be able to shoot you. The helicopter will turn on its own axis if its level with no other parts movement, its rather tricky to fly these things but takes a little getting use to.

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Look down = go forward
Look up = go backwards
Look straight ahead = hover in place

Throttle will usually make you climb, but the more tilted you are, the less you climb.


The heli controls are so basic, that I was over thinking them at first and trying to hard, I said the same thing to my self


In case it’s useful for other people, here’s a breakdown of the rest of the controls.

Look left = rotate left
Look right = rotate right
Turn left = strafe/tilt left
Turn right = strafe/tilt right

Note that when you combine rotating and tilting, you can execute various types of turns. You can also toggle on the ability to keep tilting until you flip over.

Brake/reverse = descend

Hovers with the heli let you bounce land and skim… It’s kind of fun. If you keep them really superlight you can do some really funny flips and stuff with them.

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Gerrida legs are also fun for that kind of thing. Feels like driving an insect.

They kind of lift up the legs odd though but it’s still kind of funny. I do like that you can use them as armor while flying though for the new ones as they have the pass through. I got a few of the hover ones up to 120 skimming too btw. I’ve only pull them into patrol though because it requires them to be so under armored it’s silly. You have to kind of have to get away with just shield and cloak.

Hold space (nothing else) to hover