Chords better than Caucasus

Yeap, here i am close to 10 k PS with a Chord ( that saved the day) + a stupid mission which was shooting down or assist in shooting down 10 helis.
Caucasus is down in range, angle of fire, so pretty much incapable of shooting down helis that are just right there in front of me
Chords have so much range than Caucasus, so much better firing angles, it’s not even funny
I sincerely don’t know what people complained about.
Unless they are running drones, they have no reason or basis to complain about Caucasus, in PVP they are absolutely trash, garbage it’s a matter of time until you lose them, they don’t deal much damage even in PVE, despite providing a grind resistance effect to the player who use them, said person will come out always in the bottom in damage dealt, you pick up a 6 k / 7k built and in the end it made the same damage or more than a Caucasus build
I had games ( games not game) where the Chord out lived my Caucasus and was thanks to a single Chord that i managed to complete the mission.
I like to leave the following as a footnote worth of notice.

What dev said wasn’t true, ( the nerf won’t be very notable in Caucasus based ground movement parts, or something in this lines)
the nerf in firing angles hurt a lot Caucasus in such a way that a simple Chord can outperform in every aspect three Caucasus…at 9898 PS. Which is not very hard because they don’t even lock or shoot.

Now, back to the regular program