CK for Meat Grinders

I was thinking these would make for a cool Meat Grinder CK if they had spikes running along each of the ribs.

Interesting that it moves very much like augers in game

If you didn’t knew, unlike hovers, augers do exist and work irl

Meant for swampy and snowy areas like tundra mostly.


That’s why I’m suggesting it but I’d put spikes for flavor on them…

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That Omniball wheel though, I think it could make for a neat front facing omni wheel, around Sabbath sized or maybe even a bit bigger.

Perk could be increased acceleration for strafing but at the cost of decreased reverse speed, and difference between this and our regular omni wheel could be that the speed of rotating your build like it was a stationary turret is not as fast and twitchy as it is with omni wheels. So going side to side and forward is fast, but rotating the build and reversing is slow. Turning while driving forward would be normal tank-like turning speed.

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Omniball looks a lot like the weird back-wheel from “the postmen” XO comics published few days ago.
Maybe Omnis will get a variation? CK or alterantive in general?

Big döner kebab chunks, you know the big mass of meat on a stick they shave meat off of?

Realistic? Nope. Tasty? Yes.