CK love

It would be cool to have a topic where we could scroll through it and see a graphical shot or vid of items before and after a CK is applied.

Each item could have a post about it or something. I want to be able to see the items that have a CK and then after it’s applied. Im sure other XO players would like to see the variations out there.

The only thing is is that i guess you have to actually have the CK to take a pic of it and post…so unless there is a place on the net to view these ck’s then we will have to wait for players that have them to post their ck skins up here that they own.

This post was inspired by me wondering about my blastoff boosters that have a cool skin and why my Hermes boosters, which i actually use…do not.
Shoot, even the flames on the Blastoffs change to blue when using the Slipstream skin…i just want the Hermes to get some love.

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This would be a great idea. I actually like the idea of being able to “test drive” any part… meaning you could install it on any build you have & use it in your test drive. Of course, you couldn’t use it outside of the Test Drive…

Duh… seems logical and easy to me. I’d like paints, too…

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